NFL Insider Reveals Ezekiel Elliott ‘Smoke’ Update

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On November 5, when the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys meet for the first time, you shouldn’t expect to see Ezekiel Elliott on the field for either club. He won’t be playing for either of them. Even though he has won the rushing title twice, the two-time champion is still unsigned in free agency, and no teams are vying for his services.

After releasing him on March 15, the rumor mill said that the Cowboys might bring him back to the team at a reduced salary. It seems that talk is still a cheap commodity. As Tony Pollard prepares to take over as the starting quarterback for Dallas, Jane Slater of NFL Network reports that the Cowboys have no interest in reuniting with Ezekiel Elliott. Perhaps they would look into it in the event that someone got hurt or was suspended. At this point, there is no other possibility.

“I circled back at my sources today and was told, quite frankly, that they’re just not talking about it,” Slater said. “It’s just not something they talk about.” “When I asked if there would be a situation where they would bring him back, it sounds like the same answer I’ve gotten from a number of teams where it would basically require an injury to one of their running backs,” the questioner said. “It would require an injury to one of their running backs.”

It is intriguing to hear Slater state that other teams’ responses have been the same as hers in this regard. Elliott has been trying to convince the Eagles to sign him ever since free agency began, but according to reports, the organization has never even entertained the possibility. Therefore, it’s possible that it’s now time to say goodbye to Elliott in every sense of the word.

Slater further commented, saying, “I know a lot of the guys in the locker room would love for Ezekiel Elliott to come back, but it just doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of smoke here.” The biggest worry that I have for the Cowboys is whether or not Tony Pollard will be able to produce at the same level that Zeke did.

Los Angeles Chargers Believe They Have Found a Good Home

If the Los Angeles Chargers are interested in adding depth behind their starting running back Austin Ekeler, then signing Elliott may be a good move for them. Elliott’s old offensive coordinator in Dallas, Kellen Moore, will be calling the plays out there in 2023, and it is anticipated that he will bring a “different philosophy and a different approach.” In Dallas, one of the things he did frequently was implement a scheme with two running backs.

The familiarity aspect was investigated by Pro Football Network, which concluded as follows: “The fit here would be based on familiarity alone and not for Elliott to become the expected starter.” Instead, he would be viewed as someone who may give relief to the incumbent starting running back Austin Ekeler, particularly in the area of the goal line. Elliott recorded three seasons with double-digit touchdown totals when Moore was serving as his offensive coordinator.

There is no interest shown by the Eagles in Ezekiel Elliott

Laughter and raised eyebrows ensued when Elliott initially mentioned the Eagles as one of the clubs he would like to play for in the year 2023. It is not typical for former Cowboys players to find success in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles then went out and traded for D’Andre Swift and Rashaad Penny, so the team’s running back room now appears to be in good hands.

Even so, weirder things have occurred in the past. A recent piece written by Bo Wulf for The Athletic classified both Elliott and Dalvin Cook as “too good to pass up” candidates. Wulf penned the following: “However, with D’Andre Swift, Rashaad Penny, and Kenneth Gainwell, the need for another running back of his ilk is a big shoulder shrug.” Ezekiel Elliott falls into the same category.

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Q1. How much does Ezekiel Elliott get?

This offseason, the Dallas Cowboys ended their era with the release of Ezekiel Elliott, a seasoned running back who had four years left on a mammoth six-year, $90 million agreement he signed in 2019.

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