After Seahawks loss on MNF, Jalen Hurts slams Eagles teammates

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After Seahawks loss on MNF, Jalen Hurts slams Eagles teammates

The Philadelphia Eagles were unable to win another game away from home on Monday night when they faced the Drew Lock-led Seattle Seahawks. In the National Football League, road victories are extremely difficult to come by. Due to Geno Smith’s injury, Philadelphia was expected to win against Seattle, despite the fact that they had lost two games in a row before the week.

In spite of this, the Eagles were unable to maintain their advantage in the fourth quarter and appeared to be on the verge of offensive incompetence. There have been three consecutive games in which Philadelphia has scored fewer than twenty points. The media questioned Hurts about the problems the Eagles’ offensive unit was having after the loss. He did not hold back his comments.

“I’ve been talking about execution all year, being on the same page, everyone being on the same page,” according to Hurts. “We did not carry out our plan. My opinion is that none of us, including all of us, are sufficiently dedicated. Simply put, you need to make it work. To tell you the truth, we are going to have to accept this challenge. Never give up on seeing things through to the end.”

Hurts doubled down on his position when he was asked to elaborate on such a statement, specifically in reference to what he means by the lack of dedication that exists inside the locker room.

One’s dedication. I am now without a dictionary in my possession… I am at a loss for words to express how I feel about it,” Hurts replied.

Would it be OK for Jalen Hurts to criticize the offense of the Philadelphia Eagles?

There are just three games remaining in the regular season for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the team is in free fall. Although the Philadelphia Eagles are assured of a position in the National Football Conference postseason, the Dallas Cowboys continue to pursue them. On the other hand, the Detroit Lions have the potential to gain a higher seeding than Philadelphia if they just prevail.

Fortunately for Hurts and the rest of the team, the schedule is going to become a lot less difficult over the coming several weeks. During the next week, Philadelphia will play host to the New York Giants, who are their rivals, as well as the Arizona Cardinals. As the season comes to a conclusion, Philadelphia will play the Giants once more at the Meadowlands.

If the Eagles want to turn around their offensive issues, they have to take advantage of every chance. Think of the harsh language that Hurts uses as a wake-up call.

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