Aaron Rodgers, according to one ESPN expert, is “a distraction.”

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The New York Jets were selected as the club that “Hard Knocks” on HBO will be following during the preseason, which came as no surprise to anyone. After all, why wouldn’t they?

Because the signing of Aaron Rodgers has garnered a great deal of attention for the team, this was an obvious choice to make.

However, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo of ESPN claims that it is a terrible idea to have cameras following Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets since it is already distracting enough to simply have Rodgers on the field.

“They acquired Aaron Rodgers, and that should be enough of a diversion for you. Rodgers is beneficial to your success, but Hard Knocks is not beneficial to your success. I’ll tell you one thing about this NFL thing about how well they are going to make the Jets do it, and that is: they are going to make them do it. “The National Football League does not want to be in that position because if they do force the Jets do it, which they have the contractual right to do so, the Jets may say, “Fine, you can come, but we are not going to help you,” he added. The NFL does not want to be in that position.

Another thing to consider is that the Jets had no desire in participating in this year’s show, and Russo mentioned that he thought it would be terrible for television if they did.

“If that’s the case, then HBO has a terrible show. They need a club that is interested in having HBO come in, and if the Jets aren’t truly interested, then there is no reason for HBO to go there. In conclusion, he stated, “I believe that it is a complete waste of time, and that’s the last thing you need if you’re the Jets.”

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