Ezekiel Elliott’s next NFL chance, even if it’s not with the Cowboys, excites Dak Prescott.

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No matter where his NFL career takes him in the future, whether it be with the Dallas Cowboys or elsewhere, Dak Prescott wishes Ezekiel Elliott the best of luck.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott may no longer be colleagues on the Dallas Cowboys, but they are still the best of friends.

After dazzling college careers at Mississippi State and Ohio State, respectively, the quarterback and running back were draft classmates in 2016. Prescott and Elliott supported the growth of the new downtown Dallas area. Prescott and Elliott helped restore the Cowboys too, frankly, well-deserved national prominence, even if they did not win as much as their ardent supporters believed they would.

But with Dallas cutting ties with Elliott, putting the franchise tag on Tony Pollard, and then selecting Deuce Vaughn out of Kansas State, it’s safe to assume that Zeke has finished his career with the Cowboys. Prescott hopes the best for his former Dallas teammate, even if it means he has to look for a new job.

Here is what Prescott had to say regarding his closest friend Elliott’s future with The Dallas Morning News.

Saying, “That’s my closest pal. We’ll keep working, keep pushing one another. It’s safe to say that he’s handsome. I’m his biggest fan and I can’t wait for him to succeed in whatever he does next.
While Elliott is by no means a spent force, he is also not the bell-cow back he was on the way out.

Dak Prescott is excited to see what the next chapter of Ezekiel Elliott’s NFL career entails.

Even though a lot has occurred throughout the summer, I still think the Cincinnati Bengals are the ideal team for Elliott to sign with. Their excellent receiving corps makes them a Super Bowl candidate, but they might use some help from the running back position. Of course, the Bengals’ and Browns’ rosters always feature some former Ohio State Buckeyes who are now professional athletes.

Even while Elliott’s return to Dallas is still possible, I wouldn’t bank on it. They’d have to give a significant discount for buying locally. The Cowboys need to get their money’s worth from Pollard, and they’re certainly curious about Vaughn’s potential at the next level. In any case, someone will see potential in Elliott and invite him in for a visit in the hopes of signing him.


Despite reaching his 30th year, Elliott may still contribute as a supplementary back in the appropriate setup. He will always be valuable to a team due to his pass-protection skills. Elliott is still a guy to watch, despite the fact that he is not as explosive as he was when he first entered the league from Ohio State. He really ought to be playing, despite the commercial nature of the NFL.

Prescott would undoubtedly cheer for Elliott no matter whatever club he plays for, even if it isn’t the Cowboys.


Q1. Is Ezekiel Elliott still a free agent?

Elliott is still a free agent, and he is among a group of renowned running backs. Dalvin Cook, who rushed for 1,173 yards last season for the Vikings but was cut last week, is another. So are Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt, J.D. Jackson, and J.J. Watt.

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