Cowboys May Recruit Former Ravens Running Back in Free Agency to “Elevate the Offense”

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The Dallas Cowboys have been connected to reuniting with Ezekiel Elliott, but they may instead choose to sign a free agent who formerly played for the Baltimore Ravens. Neither the Cowboys nor Kenyan Drake have found a team for after the 2022 season.

The “will they, won’t they” between Dallas and Elliott shows no signs of ending, but the Cowboys may instead seek a contract with Drake, who would be less expensive and might be just as good an addition.

Drake has been all over the NFL in recent years, but his 1000-yard scrimmage seasons in 2019 and 2020 are not too distant in the past. Despite a rough 2021 season, he proved his NFL worth in 2022 with the Baltimore Ravens.

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While Drake only made $1.035 million on his veteran minimum deal with Baltimore, he should be very cheap to re-sign for the 2023 season. Drake may be the more cost-effective choice and provide a similar boost to the Cowboys’ offense as Elliott does as he works his way down from an eight-figure salary.

A running back who is still trying to discover his niche might do well to apply for a position in Baltimore. Drake benefited by the Ravens’ 2022 commitment to quarterback Lamar Jackson and a run-first offensive philosophy that year.

Drake, who shared a backfield with J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards, managed 482 yards on the ground and four touchdowns in his career, as documented by PFR. Drake averaged 40 yards per game and 4.4 yards per rush despite missing five games due to health.

Jackson is used to taking a backseat and “running by committee,” having spent his whole collegiate career as Alabama’s No. 2 running back and then sharing carries with other players like Josh Jacobs and J.K. Dobbins with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens, respectively.

The fact that his legs haven’t seen as much action as those of Zeke or Dalvin Cook may turn some people off, but it’s good news for the 29-year-old. Drake has played in the NFL for eight years and has only been placed on injured reserve once.


Free Agency Decisions Have the Cowboys on Notice

Former Detroit Lions quarterback and current ESPN commentator Dan Orlovsky criticized the Cowboys for their lack of interest in Dalvin Cook during a recent episode of First Take. Although he is a free agent, it seems like Dallas has no interest in signing the former Minnesota Vikings standout.

Orlovsky thinks the two halves make sense together. The Cowboys not signing Cook, according to the analyst, shows that the team isn’t committed to winning the Super Bowl.

“Dallas don’t tell me you’re legit about wanting to do everything that you can do to go win a Super Bowl if you don’t sign Dalvin Cook,” said Orlovsky. Tony Pollard, your starting tailback, fractured his leg around five months ago…. The guy who fractured his leg five months ago, and you want to run the ball with him more?

However, whether or not the Cowboys actually make any roster additions in free agency will depend on how quickly Pollard recovers from his injury.


Q1, Who is the most renowned member of the Dallas Cowboys?

Roger Staubach has cemented his place in Cowboys lore. He had already served in Vietnam after winning the Heisman Trophy in college. He was an inspiration to every group he played with. The Cowboys made four trips to the Super Bowl under his direction, winning twice.

Q2. Which NFL team has the greatest fans?

Both at home (where they average 93,465) and away (where they average 82,915), their crowds are the largest. supporters of the Dallas Cowboys spend more than the average NFL fan on products ($279.81) and food and beverages ($147.68) every game, according to a poll of all NFL supporters.

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