In 1 Possible Scenario, the Cowboys are “Disinterested” in Re-Signing Zeke

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FRISCO – Both the Dallas Cowboys and ourselves have made every effort to phrase things in a courteous manner. Both the Dallas Cowboys and ourselves have made efforts to express ourselves in a manner that is courteous. In respect to this “story that won’t go away” concerning a re-signing of Ezekiel Elliott, we have attempted to state it in a decisive manner, and now, finally, the Dallas Cowboys are saying it in the same way that we have said it.

“I circled back to one of my sources today and was told quite frankly that they’re just not thinking about (re-signing Elliott),” our good buddy Jane Slater of NFL Network stated this week on “NFL Total Access.”

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Slater is repeating what she and we have already reported, as well as what she has already reported. Why does she feel as though she needs to hide it once more? Why do we feel like we have to go over it once more? because of the overwhelming quantity of rumors that continue to come from persons outside of The Star who think that a reunion is a possibility.

Because Zeke is such a good teammate (everyone from Dak Prescott to Troy Aikman has welcomed the concept of his return if only for that reason) and because he is still a contributor as of the year 2022, this is a bitter pill for everyone involved to take. However, it is clear that the league sees the former two-time NFL rushing champion who was let go as a failing running back. The previous year, he played in 15 games but only managed to rush for a career-low 876 yards on 231 carries (3.8 yards per attempt).


Is Elliott, who is now 27 years old, finished playing football? That is in no way part of his strategy. He maintains his rigorous workout routine in Frisco, occasionally teaming up with Dak Prescott and his other Cowboys teammates for portions of his sessions. When exactly will he get another opportunity? The Cowboys have moved on to Tony Pollard as their full-time running back, and they are heading into training camp with the hope that some combination of Malik Davis, Ronald Jones, Rico Dowdle, and Deuce Vaughn will be able to fill the running backs room. Slater once again emphasizes what she (and we) have previously made obvious.

“When I asked if there was a circumstance where they would bring him back, it sounded like the same answer I’ve heard from a lot of organizations,” Slater said. “When I asked if there was a situation where they would bring him back, it sounded like the same answer.” It would essentially take another injury to another one of their running backs in order to do that.

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