Ja Morant made a video with a fake pistol following second IG Live incident

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After the second video of Ja Morant brandishing a pistol appeared online, it was revealed that the NBA player had shared a video of a toy gun with Who was suspended for a gun in the NBA. people who are close to him.

As a result of the second video that surfaced showing the star player brandishing a firearm, Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant has been given a suspension that would see him sit out 25 games during the 2023–2024 NBA season.

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Morant’s reps attempted to relay the word that the gun that the Grizzlies player was carrying was actually a toy gun many weeks after the video went viral after it was originally shown on Instagram Live. The footage was initially seen on Instagram. It is true that this defense appeared weak at the time it was being used.

This past weekend, however, after Morant’s suspension was handed down, TMZ obtained a video that was purportedly shared to individuals close to Morant that reveals the “toy gun” is actually a lighter. In the video, a hand that is thought to be Morant’s can be seen lighting a couple of candles with the lighter. The video was reportedly sent to persons close to Morant.

TMZ published a video of Ja Morant playing with a fake pistol, which he purportedly sent following the second incident involving Instagram Live.

TMZ observed that the tattoos on Morant’s forearms that are shown in the video with the light that looks like a gun are identical to those that are seen on Morant.

After coming under such scrutiny, which was warranted given that it came just two months after the Grizzlies star was suspended for eight games for having a firearm in a Denver-area nightclub and was caught on video, it is reported that Morant sent the video to people close to him as a pseudo-defense of the infamous IG Live video.

Even though this video seems to confirm the tale that Morant and his crew told, it does not in any way mitigate the error of judgment that was committed by him. That is a careless “toy” to have on your person if you’re a player who has claimed publicly in remarks (after both IG Live episodes) that he’s trying to be better and do better, and having something on your person is careless.

Having said that, this footage that was obtained by TMZ and published online does serve to provide further insight into the matter at hand.


Q1. Who was suspended for a gun in the NBA?

NBA bans guard Ja Morant for 25 games after he posts an Instagram photo of himself with a pistol. Morant, Ja After being caught displaying a pistol on Instagram Live for a second time in less than two months, Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant was suspended for 25 games without pay by the NBA on Friday.

Q2. When did Ja Morant get suspended the first time?

After a video surfaced of the All-Star player brandishing a gun on social media, the Grizzlies banned Morant from all team activities on May 14. After a similar incident in March, in which he was seen on Instagram Live clutching a firearm while visibly inebriated at a Denver-area club, the NBA suspended Morant for eight games.

Q3. Who sponsors Ja Morant?

Morant has endorsement arrangements with both the athletic shoe company Nike and the beverage company Coca-Cola, which owns the Powerade brand of sports drink. Conventionally speaking, confidentiality and morals provisions are included in endorsement arrangements.

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