After Davonte Pack’s testimony, Ja Morant’s legal problems worsen

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If Ja Morant is found guilty in the case brought by Joshua Holloway’s mother, the circumstances of his situation might become much more difficult. Joshua Holloway was 17 years old when the incident occurred. Davonte Pack, a former buddy of Morant’s, has revealed a troubling truth that may result in the suspension of the Memphis Grizzlies star being extended for a longer period of time. These disclosures come in the midst of the ongoing revelations of occasions in which Morant harassed his teammates with his firearm.

According to the claims that were published in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Pack acknowledged that Morant is the owner of a Glock 40 pistol. On the other hand, the “gun” that was waved around during the second incident on IG Live turned out to be lighter.

Mark Gianotto wrote: “Pack also said under oath that Morant owns a Glock 40 gun, but the gun that was used in his second Instagram Live incident was actually a lighter,”

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In addition, Davonte said that former Grizzlies player Mike Miller had suggested to Morant that he employ the services of his agent in the pending legal action after seeing the two-time All-Star hit the 17-year-old youngster in front of him. Davonte was the one who made this revelation.

Morant moves further apart from his longtime buddy Davonte Pack Pack and Morant have been good friends ever since they were children. Together, the three competed in the Amateur Athletic Union basketball tournament with the South Carolina Hornets, which also included Zion Williamson.

However, Davonte gained prominence when he and Tee Morant were involved in a violent brawl against several of the Indiana Pacers players. This scuffle brought them into conflict with some of the Indiana Pacers players. After being removed from the floor by security, Pack was given a one-year ban from participating in any games held in Memphis; yet, he continued to tag along with Morant.

Later, he was also spotted with the 23-year-old in the second gun-waving incident, which prompted several supporters to advise the couple to split ways if they can’t assist each other. Later, he was also seen with the 23-year-old in the second gun-waving incident.

A few days after the video gained widespread attention and concerns were being asked about Morant’s inner circle, Ja stopped following the brand known as ‘MBNO.’

Everything you need to know about Ja Morant’s forthcoming trial

Even if Morant is able to pull him out of this pit, the aforementioned trial will begin the following year in April, which is close to the end of the 2023-24 season. This will serve as a constant reminder to him of the mistakes he has made.

The fact that no one else who was there at the time of the occurrence denies that Morant struck Joshua is Morant’s primary source of concern about the situation. The decision to submit the lawsuit was made by Holloway’s mother in an effort to bring more attention to her son, who will be joining the Samford University basketball team this season for the first time in his collegiate career.

Even if he is unable to attract the interest of NBA scouts, it is possible that he will always be remembered as the young man who was hit by Ja Morant and then sued him.


Q1. When did Ja Morant get suspended the first time?

The Grizzlies banned Morant from team activities on May 14 after a social media video showed the All-Star brandishing a handgun. In March, Morant was spotted on Instagram Live clutching a firearm at a Denver club while inebriated, prompting an eight-game NBA suspension.

Q2. Who was suspended for a gun in the NBA?

Ja Morant
Memphis shooter Ja Morant has been punished for 25 games by the NBA for his “alarming” social media gun-flashing.

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