Aaron Rodgers has already warmed up to Jordan Love’s most formidable rival

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Will Aaron Rodgers’ massive presence overshadow the Green Bay Packers this year? That mystery will remain unsolved until September.

Now that Rodgers is playing for the New York Jets, the Packers seem content to usher in their own new era with Jordan Love at quarterback.

For the last three seasons, Rodgers has served as Love’s coach, and the seasoned player has voiced his optimism on many occasions that Love will develop into a consistent starter in 2023. Unlike Brett Favre, Rodgers was amicable toward rookie quarterback Mike Love when Love was drafted to Green Bay in 2020. However, fresh claims indicate that Rodgers did so unwillingly and that the decision to choose Love came as a surprise to him.

Rodgers has severed most of his links to the Packers organization this summer, but he just made a move that should make things interesting at quarterback for Green Bay.

He framed the No. 12 jersey and delivered it to Sean Clifford, the Penn State quarterback the Packers selected in April. Rodgers embroidered the words “Welcome to GB!” on the shirt. Have fun in that fantastic city and my locker!”

Rodgers extends a warm welcome to Green Bay’s newest player, Sean Clifford.

The Packers have made it quite obvious that Jordan Love will start at quarterback for them this year. Green Bay’s emergency backup plan includes Clifford, who they picked up in the fifth round a few months ago in case of injury.

But by the time Clifford was picked, Rodgers no longer had any reason to deliver that extremely beautiful present, as he had already departed the club. Fans may have misinterpreted his action as a very mild jab at Jordan Love, but he did accept that Clifford was getting his old locker and presumably just wanted to convey a sign of good faith in the young buck’s future career in Green Bay.

He receives a gentle poke from Rodgers, who says, “Hey, just so you know, you’ve got some competition. To your success.”

The four-time league MVP has little to no say in who the Packers choose to be their starting quarterback in the future. Even though his relationship with Green Bay’s executive management was strained when he departed, he has shown nothing but excitement about signing with the New York Jets and contending for a championship with them in 2023.

Whoever in Green Bay receives the torch is fortunate. Rodgers is relaxing with some popcorn in front of the TV, giving thanks to the gods that he was able to leave the Packers franchise in good standing.


Q1. How wealthy is Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers is hardly a billionaire, but after signing a 5-year contract deal with the Green Bay Packers in 2013, he became the 45th highest-paid athlete in NFL history. He earns more than $30 million annually, giving him a net worth of $120 million.

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