Kevin Costner had trouble filming a new movie after quitting smash program “Yellowstone.”

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Kevin Costner has had a tough time securing a filming location in Utah for the second episode of his planned film series, “Horizon: An American Saga.” The picture is scheduled to be released later this year.

During an interview with a regional publication called St. George News, the multitalented individual discussed his most recent labor of love.

“I pictured myself shooting scenes at this other location in my head every single day. We even constructed a suspension bridge,” Costner said to the publication. “And we were planning to use a crane to hoist our wagons over the river to a height of fifty feet and then lower them on that spot.” As a result, I was carrying it on my head as we constructed it and operated the cranes outside. After that, a significant snowfall arrived. And everyone speculated that the water level would eventually rise.

The actor from “Hidden Figures” had to make a “snap decision” in order to alter his original game plan.

The Ending of ‘Yellowstone’ Starring Kevin Costner: ‘I Don’t Do F— You Car Crashes’

“It turned me into a baby a little bit because I have my mind set on what it’s going to look like and how people will enjoy it,” he stated. “It broke my heart because losing my location turns me into a baby a little bit because I have my mind set on what it’s going to look like.”

The second site that Kevin Costner and his team happened across was stunning, but it was not what the actor, director, and producer had in mind for a “desolate” picture.

On the Shivwits Reservation, Costner and his team utilized a helicopter to scout for potential locations for their shoot.

“I said, ‘Let’s run this river all the way to the Virgin River.’ It’s the Santa Clara.” “I was sending up prayers about whatever is going to take place,” Costner stated. “In all honesty, I didn’t much want to have another apartment. However, I was aware that the initial location would not be suitable.

“It’s a good lesson for everybody; sometimes you just have to let some things go,” he added. “It’s a good lesson for everybody.”


Travis Duran, who is in charge of the land resources on the Shivwits Reservation, commended Costner and his team for their respectful treatment of the Shivwits property while they were filming there.

“Working with Kevin’s crew was the highlight of the experience. “They were more active in asking what they should be careful of, and we’re all working together,” Duran told the publication. “We’re all working together.” They respected everything, even the fact that we are in cultural sites in a few of the regions, which I brought up.

On set, the crew working for Costner employed signs to let people know when they needed to be cautious in order to safeguard animals and other things. Additionally, the production firm contributed to the enhancement of the reservation by assisting with the expansion of roads and the provision of improved access to various locations.

“Kevin’s people are great,” Duran said, explaining the situation. “There was therefore nothing that was harmful to anything; it was simply a matter of cleaning things up, which was beneficial for the people.”

In the midst of the controversy surrounding his program “Yellowstone,” Costner has shifted his attention back to “Horizon: An American Saga.” The conclusion of the Western will take place after its fifth season, which will begin airing in November.

On the show that airs on the Paramount Network, Costner plays the role of John Dutton. The popularity of the series resulted in the creation of other offshoot episodes, such as “1923” and “1883,” as well as a planned project starring Matthew McConaughey.

Read: ‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan is ‘disappointed’ by Kevin Costner’s sudden exit.

Taylor Sheridan, one of the show’s co-creators, has stated that the unexpected cancellation does not “alter” Kevin Costner’s character in any way. The series was not supposed to conclude after five seasons.

Sheridan was quoted as saying to The Hollywood Reporter that “it truncates the closure of his character.” “It doesn’t change it, but it shortens it,” the speaker said.

He said, “Dutton wasn’t going to be around for the very end of Yellowstone.”

Sheridan asserted that the original script was preserved in its entirety, despite the jarring conclusion. The co-creator of the program would not disclose whether or not the character played by Kevin Costner will be “taken to the train station,” which is “Yellowstone” lingo meaning slain, but he did give fans a hint about what will not be happening to the much-loved Western hero.

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“I was killed in a car crash because of you, f— you!” Sheridan pointed out, making a reference to the passing of his character on “Sons of Anarchy.”

“I don’t do car crashes,” he stated, “I don’t do f— you.” “Whether [Dutton’s fate] inflates [Costner’s] ego or insults is collateral damage that I don’t factor in when it comes to storytelling,” Dutton’s fate “inflates [Costner’s] ego or insults”


Q1. Why is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone?

Kevin Costner Will Leave “Yellowstone” After Season 5.
The apparent dispute between Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and series lead Kevin Costner may have ended his stint on the famous western. According to Entertainment Tonight, insiders close to Yellowstone think Costner will leave after Season Five.

Q2.Is Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone permanently?

Paramount said that a Yellowstone sequel will premiere in December (pending the writer’s strike) after Costner’s departure.

Q3. What’s going on with Kevin Costner’s health?

Some sources mistakenly suggest that Kevin Costner’s ear has not healed. The actor is in his 60s and approaching 70, but he is not unwell.

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