“More Like Tom Holland”: DC Fans Respond to “Cursed” Supergirl Figure That Doesn’t Look Like Sasha Calle

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Fans of The Flash have been comparing Sasha Calle to Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ever since Sideshow Collectibles released their Supergirl Hot Toys figure. Hot Toys sixth-scale figurines from Sideshow Collectibles are a mainstay of the collectibles community thanks to their lifelike sculpting and attention to detail. Every time a superhero film or TV program debuts, a slew of newcomers are anticipated, from every DCEU Batman variant to lesser-known characters like Stan Lee’s cameo appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.

It just so happens that some Hot Toys figurines are spot on and others aren’t. Twitter users have pointed out that the Supergirl Hot Toys figure doesn’t look like Supergirl star Sasha Calle, but rather Tom Holland (who plays Spider-Man) and Matt Smith (who plays House of the Dragon and Doctor Who).

Here are some responses:

The Hot Toys Supergirl figure’s primary flaw appears to be in its eye sockets. The figure’s eyes are smaller and more deeply set, the gap between the eyes and the eyebrows is shorter, and the eyebrows themselves are thinner and straighter than Sasha Calle’s. The figure appears to have a less defined nose and mouth than the actor, as well as a less soft chin, cheeks, and skin. Even if the variations are negligible, millimeter precision is required when dealing with faces, especially when dealing with well-known individuals.

The “Curse” of the Flash is carried on by Sasha Calle’s Supergirl Hot Toys figure.

Another challenge The Flash has had from its debut is the incorrect Hot Toys figurine of Sasha Calle. After the DCEU had already been created, the project continued to go through changes in writers and directors and was postponed. Ezra Miller’s charges and issues placed a pall over production once it began, while the COVID-19 epidemic and Warner Bros.’ troubles with the DCEU yanked the movie in opposite directions. The Flash ultimately bombed at the movie office and was panned for its subpar computer-generated imagery (CGI). The last thing The Flash needed was an inaccurate collectible figure amid the negative buzz and mounting expectations for a franchise-wide relaunch.

The recent failure of The Flash is also related to the film’s visuals, which is a shame. The Flash’s unrealistic superhero outfits received backlash alongside the show’s questionable use of computer-generated imagery. Although the Flash, Batman, and Supergirl wore extremely detailed practical outfits, they were lost in the overabundance of visual effects. Sadly, a collectible of Supergirl that is only slightly off adds credence to the notion that The Flash didn’t get the graphics exactly right, even if Supergirl’s design wasn’t flawed in any significant way.

The Supergirl Hot Toys collectible, however, isn’t a poor figure by any stretch of the imagination. The costume is accurate to The Flash’s Supergirl design, the wiring cape allows for a wide variety of poses, and the hair strikes the challenging balance between realism and playability that is typical of sixth-scale figures. The problem is that because of Sideshow Collectibles’ track record of excellent likenesses, customers want statues to have identical heads.


Q1. Will Tom Holland be making a return?

Will We See Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Again? We know that Amy Pascal, the producer of the Spider-Man films, has confirmed that a fourth film starring Tom Holland and Zendaya is in the works. Since the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in December 2021, which brought back Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon as Peter Parker, MJ, and Ned, over two years had passed.

Q2. Why did Tom Holland leave the entertainment industry?

Tom Holland is not retiring from the entertainment industry. The 27-year-old actor stated that after filming The Crowded Room, he will be taking a year off. In reality, he’s well into his acting hiatus, having passed the halfway point. In an interview with Extra, he said the show had an adverse effect on his psyche.

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