Aaron Rodgers supports Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s discussion with Dr. Peter Hotez

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Aaron Rodgers is moving away from the sports industry. Instead, he keeps risking ridicule by advocating that Americans be injected with vaccinations.

Recently, Rodgers joined in (through SI.com) on the campaign to get Dr. Peter Hotez to debate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on COVID vaccines. A video of Hotez discussing his poor diet was posted on Instagram by Rodgers, who captioned it: “@robertfkennedyjr would mop this bum.”

Hotez retweeted the SI.com article and reacted to Rodgers with the following message on Wednesday: “Disappointed he made a cheap jab vs me this wk. In 2021, I challenged him for his outspoken antivaccine attitude when we were losing 2,000 Americans per day during our terrible delta wave and vaccinations were 90% protective against death/serious disease. Despite the fact that I don’t hold anything against Aaron, I felt compelled to come up in 2021 in the hopes of preventing needless deaths. Two hundred thousand unprotected Americans were killed needlessly in the late 2021 and early 2022 waves of Delta BA.1.

Rodgers has already stated his preference for a Kennedy presidency. Podcaster Aubrey Marcus claimed, on stage alongside Rodgers at Denver’s psychedelics conference on Wednesday, that he saw a cosmic message involving a sword while high and thus believes that Kennedy will be the next president.

Despite Rodgers’ outspoken anti-vaccine position and not-so-subtle 9/11 trutherism, the New York media has not questioned him aggressively on the subject. Perhaps one day a reporter covering the team will press him for more information on opinions he has decided to share publicly.

Rodgers is obviously quite intelligent, and he often demonstrates this by disagreeing with widely held beliefs. However, not all consensus beliefs stem from some sinister plot.

Rodgers will finally get one correct if he treats every official story as a lie or a coverup. There will likely be many mistakes along the road.


Q1. Did Aaron Rodgers ever suit up for another NFL team?

From 2005 to 2022, Aaron Rodgers was a member of the Packers, and from 2022 to 2023, he was a member of the Jets. NO.

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