Why Memphis’ second-year Summer League Grizzlies will improve one critical aspect

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Kenneth Lofton Jr. drove up the court with the ball and then pulled up in transition to take advantage of an open three-point shot. when trailing since the beginning of the second quarter, the Summer League Memphis Grizzlies took the lead for the first time when the left-handed shooter’s jumper went through the nets.

That shot was taken with 41.9 seconds remaining in a game against the Philadelphia 76ers, and it was a symbol of not just the night, but also the possible future in Memphis. In the Summer League game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Philadelphia 76ers, which took place at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Grizzlies won 94-92. They made 16 of their attempts from beyond the arc.

The Grizzly’s general manager and director of basketball operations, Zach Kleiman, cited the importance of drafting Jake LaRavia, David Roddy, and Vince Williams Jr. in the 2022 NBA Draft. The performance on Monday night was a perfect example of what Kleiman was talking about. Kleiman pointed out that shooting was a significant area of need prior to the 2022-2023 NBA season. Now, after having rookie seasons that were full of both hardships and flashes of potential, the Grizzlies are aiming to enjoy the results of their hard work.

With 21 points and 13 rebounds, while shooting 6 for 15 from the field, Lofton led the Grizzlies in scoring. Williams concluded with 19 points, Roddy contributed 18 points, and LaRavia ended with 12 points. At least two three-point shots were made by each of the four players.

Fans of the Memphis Grizzlies also got their first glimpse at second-round selection GG Jackson, who ended with 10 points off the bench and showed off the offensive prowess that made him the top-ranked recruit in the class of 2023 before he reclassified to the class of 2022. Jacob Gilyard, the two-way point guard for the Grizzlies, started and ended the game with seven assists and three steals to go along with his six points.

It will be more time to speak about Jackson’s unlimited potential and Gilyard’s ability to set the table, but LaRavia, Lofton, Williams, and Roddy have a chance to help fix the shooting issues that Memphis has faced each of the previous seasons, despite having the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference. Despite this, there will be more time to talk about Jackson’s boundless potential and Gilyard’s ability to set the table.

After finishing 23rd in 3-point % in the NBA this previous season, the Grizzlies concluded the 2021-22 season ranked 17th in the league. Due to the fact that Marcus Smart and Derrick Rose are the only prospective rotation additions at this stage in the summer, the guys who have the best chance of propelling the Grizzlies into the top third of the NBA in the shooting are likely the ones competing in the Summer League.

The spot-up shooting potential of Vince Williams is seen here

Williams has a two-way deal, but when given the opportunity to shoot, he has shown that he can be a knockout shooter. Despite the fact that he concluded the game on Monday with no assists and hasn’t demonstrated much playmaking ability, he was able to knock down five of his eight 3-point attempts and guarded the 76ers’ best scorers on the wing positions.

David Roddy ready for a major role

Since Roddy isn’t surrounded by Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaren Jackson Jr. as he was in the previous season, it would be simple for him to be more powerful and play a different style than what we saw, but the second-year Grizzlies forward took shots that were comparable to the ones he tried in his first season with the team. Roddy was able to stretch the floor, attack the basket, and make four of nine three-point shots. His 3-point shooting percentage as a rookie was only 30.7%, but it appeared like he had his shot down pat on Monday.

Roddy stated in an interview after the game, “Just taking my open shots,” which he was doing. “I have been putting in a lot of work on it and building that confidence, and Summer League is a good spot for me to get that confidence moving forward into the season,” he said.

The ferocity that Jake LaRavia possesses advances one level.

On Monday, LaRavia had a difficult time making 3-point shots, in contrast to Roddy and Williams. He was successful twice out of nine times. In spite of the fact that it is encouraging for the Grizzlies to watch these guys making 3-pointers, the primary objective of the Summer League is player development, and it is essential to keep an eye on LaRavia’s progress in this area. Last year, he was criticized heavily for his unwillingness to take 3-point shots, but on Monday, he came out swinging like he had nothing to lose. Given that LaRavia hit 33.8% on 3-pointers as a rookie and the folks surrounding the Grizzlies believe he can be much better than that, it seems probable that seeing LaRavia shoot more will lead to more makes.


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