Who will get a direct check of $914 from Social Security on June 30?

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The Social Security Administration gives money to retired workers every month. The SSA is also in charge of sending payments for the Supplemental Security Income program, as well as payments for disability and death benefits.

The SSA keeps sending out monthly payouts for June. Here are the people who will get up to $914 this month.

How much will your monthly Social Security check be in 2023?

The COLA went up by 8.7% in 2023, which meant that seniors’ average payments went up to $1,827, the SSA said in January. The most you can get each month is $2,572 if you retire at age 62, $3,627 if you retire at full retirement age (67), and $4,555 if you retire at age 70 or later.

The average monthly Supplemental Security Income amount is about $550. The most a person can get from SSI each month is $914, and a married pair who both qualify for the program can get up to $1,371.

These annual amounts are only estimates, and they change from one recipient to the next based on a number of factors. We go into more depth about how payouts to beneficiaries are worked out.

Who will get a direct check of $914 from Social Security on June 30?

Most of the time, SSI payouts are made on the first of every month. But sometimes they get them on the last day of the month if the first of the next month is on a Saturday or Sunday. When this happens, payments are made for the Friday before. In July, this takes place.

Because July 1 is a Saturday, the SSI check for that month is sent out on June 30. Because of this, people who get SSI get two checks in June but none in July, when they would have been sent. At the beginning of June, the first SSI check was sent out.

Since SSI users won’t get a payment in July, here are the dates of next month’s Social Security payments:

  • July 3: Payees who first got their money before May 1997
  • July 12: People born between January 1 and October 10
  • July 19: People whose birthdays are between 11 and 20
  • July 26: People whose birthdays are between 21 and 31

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