$300M Tom Brady loses $30,000,000 and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen loses a staggering $18,000,000 as a result of a failed financial decision

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The celebrations of the Fourth of July took place across the country, and a large number of celebrities came together to attend one of the most extravagant parties of the year. Michael Rubin welcomed Tom Brady and a number of other celebrities from both the United States and other countries at his home in the Hamptons. Gisele wasn’t there since she was spending the holiday with her close friends, but she did celebrate it with them.

Despite the fact that they had parted ways the year before, they had amassed a staggering net worth of 700 million dollars between the two of them. The two individuals had participated in the hysteria around cryptocurrencies in order to strengthen their position in preparation for the anticipated increase in value of the cryptocurrency market. The most recent reports, however, indicate that it has completely wiped out the former couple’s share.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had about 7% of their assets reduced.

Since its introduction to the world about a decade ago, cryptocurrency has been steadily gaining ground, although at a snail’s pace. The current steam has, however, enveloped the bulk of the populace, which is gripped by FOMO (fear of missing out). Tom Brady and Gisele are one of the celebs that are on board (or were on board) the cryptocurrency bandwagon. They probably had high hopes that the risk would pay off, but given the recent reports of the company filing for bankruptcy, it appears that their hopes were unfounded.

It is estimated that Brady and Gisele will suffer losses of $30 and $18 million, respectively, which will amount to a loss of roughly 7% of their net worth. Having invested in Crypto Company FTX and praised it, all while holding a substantial stake in the company. After the valuation of the company’s stocks began to decline, many reports indicate that FTX may be on the verge of going bankrupt. As they took on duties as ambassador and Head of social initiatives between Brady and Bundchen, respectively, the couple had placed a significant amount of their bets on this possibility.

The former Patriots player is going to suffer losses that are not going to be confined to the falling worth of FTX. It’s possible that Brady and his ex-wife may be required to pay taxes on the money they made from their investment. Both the ex-Buccaneers player and Gisele have been identified as prospective defendants in a legal action brought out by FTX. A large number of consumers have suffered losses as a result of the endorsement of FTX by many other celebrities, including a formerly married couple.

The collapse of FTX raises the stakes for other stars.

Despite the fact that Brady and Bundchen are the most well-known names to have been associated with FTX in the past. There are further individuals that backed the cryptocurrency and owned holdings in it. And because of their sponsorship, they are now included in the class action lawsuit that was brought by FTX consumers. A number of high-profile athletes, including Shaquille O’Neal, Naomi Osaka, and Steph Curry, have been named as potential defendants in the complaint.

During their time working with FTX, Shaq, and Curry were paid in the form of equity options for their work in promoting cryptocurrency. Because of the endorsements, the consumers saw both their portfolio and their assets suffer losses. Now, the cases brought against celebrities will generate unfavorable remarks from dissatisfied consumers who trusted their favorite stars in the past. Despite the outrage of the fans, the stars themselves have been taken advantage of by the con artists.

The disappointment that Gisele and Tom Brady felt after their defeat will undoubtedly provide them with an opportunity to reconsider their choice. The lawsuit is an additional burden on top of the problem of the pair losing millions of dollars. Because of the need for them to collaborate with other people in order to thoroughly address the problem.


Q1. What is Giselle’s net worth?

Gisele Bündchen is worth $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, which is nearly double what her husband Tom Brady is worth.

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