Google is making a new logo for Find My Device.

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During the summer of 2018, Google will use the more than one billion Android smartphones that are now in use to find tracker tags and headphones. Find My Device is receiving a fresh look with the introduction of this new logo.

The symbol for the Find My Device app on Android has been a white pin set against a green backdrop for the last several years. In the center of the pin is a phone. It gave the impression that the program was map-based in some way. In 2022, Google did modify it to eliminate shadows and make it more consistent with other contemporary logos.

When Apple did a complete overhaul of the Find My Device app in February with Material You, we thought it was strange that the green symbol didn’t get updated along with the rest of the program.

In further research, we came across the updated Find My Device logo. Crosshairs, radar, and scanning are all conjured up by the new Google logo, which has the company’s four colors arranged in a pattern that resembles a crosshair. Find My Device is no longer limited to simply mobile phones and hasn’t been for some time thanks to the inclusion of support for tablets, watches, and headphones. This new version is less literal than the older one, but the point still stands.

The most apparent disadvantage to the logo’s appearance is that it will be lost in the sea of other blue, red, yellow, and green symbols that are already on your phones. Keeping its background green, which conjured up images of safety and, to some extent, Android, would have helped differentiated the app, particularly considering that it’s the kind of thing you may search for in a moment of fear. Lately, Google has shown a willingness to forgo using the four-color design for applications like Play Books, which was previously their standard practice. Having said that, it is very evident that Google Authenticator and Arts & Culture moved in the other way.

When the Find My Device network finally goes live in the latter part of this summer, you can probably expect to see this symbol there. Google will make it possible for you to monitor the position of your mobile devices, headphones (when they become available), and tracker tags. The software has the capability to make a sound to let you know when anything is in close proximity to you.

According to Google, “location data crowdsourced from the network is end-to-end encrypted, which ensures Google can’t see or use it for any other purposes.” More information on the built-in privacy measures will be made available before the debut of the product.

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