Simone Biles is making her Olympic comeback two years after Tokyo

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Simone Biles will be competing at the U.S. Classic, a national championships qualifying contest. It’ll be her first race since the Olympics in Tokyo.

A second attempt is being made by Simone Biles

At the U.S. Classic in early August, Biles will make her first competitive appearance since the Tokyo Olympics. Since this is a qualifying event for the nationals, the 2016 Olympic all-around winner will almost certainly be there. It occurs around a year before the 2016 Summer Olympics in Paris.

The Classic takes place on August 4 and 5 in a suburb of Chicago, and it features a competition that includes the reigning Olympic champion, Sunisa Lee.

For months, rumors have circulated about Biles’ return, with other gymnasts mentioning her presence at the gym and Biles herself occasionally showing up in the backdrop of images taken by others. Before Wednesday’s release of the Classic field, however, neither Biles nor anybody in her entourage had verified it.

Biles’ representative did not immediately answer a phone seeking comment.

A four-time Olympic gold medalist with skills that most gymnasts wouldn’t even attempt in practice, Biles is widely regarded as the sport’s best performer of all time. She has three individual talents named after her: one each on vault, floor, and balancing beam. Since the 2014 U.S. championships, she has won every all-around competition she has entered.

However, her increasing nervousness gave her the “twisties” in Tokyo, and she temporarily lost her bearings. Biles remarked at one point during those Games that she “literally cannot tell up from down,” describing how terrible it was to not know if she was going to crash on her head or her feet.

Even though Biles bowed out of one event in the team competition, the U.S. women still managed to take silver. She later scratched from the all-around, vault, floor, and uneven bars competitions. After modifying her performance to exclude the twisting portions, she competed in the finals and won bronze on the balancing beam.

Biles is the most decorated gymnast in the history of the world championships, male or female, with 25 medals, but she has recently become a hero to many by speaking up about the mental health struggles she has had as an athlete. Since Tokyo, she has made it a point to speak out about the importance of mental health, and many athletes have said that she has inspired them to talk about their own experiences in the same vein.

Biles, now 26 years old, has not ruled out a comeback to gymnastics, but she has also established a life for herself outside of the sport. Together with her new husband, Green Bay Packers safety Jonathan Owens, she is currently constructing their “dream house.” She has collaborated with Athleta on activewear and GK Elite on a range of leotards.

It’s been obvious for a while that Biles has been back in the gym. A number of the gymnasts who train at the World Champions Centre in the Houston suburbs have mentioned her.

Additionally, Brady Quinn, Alicia Sacramone’s husband, announced on his podcast earlier this month, “I don’t know if this is public or not, but Simone Biles is returning to compete.” Sacramone Quinn is in charge of the long-term planning for the USA Gymnastics’ female team.

No longer did we wonder whether she would come back, but rather when? We have found the solution.


Q1.Is Simone Biles competing in 2023?

The United States’ most recent all-around gymnastics Olympic champions, Sunisa Lee and Simone Biles, have both begun their respective comebacks. The 2023 U.S. Classic will be held on August 5 at Now Arena in the Chicago suburbs, and the two are expected to attend.

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