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The new Australian horror film RUN RABBIT RUN is now streaming on Netflix. It’s a dark mystery with elements of psychological terror. The Little Lily LaTorre is just as stunning as Sarah Snook. It builds slowly but never becomes stale. Check out our comprehensive review of Run, Rabbit, Run!

Run Rabbit Run Trailer

Australia has released a new horror film called RUN RABBIT RUN on Netflix. Many viewers will be profoundly affected by this. Parents of children aged seven and up might wish to look elsewhere. In this psychological horror film, the dialogue has some rather emotional exchanges between the young characters.

Sarah Snook plays the mother, while Lily LaTorre, a rising actress, plays her daughter in the film. This girl blows my mind because she can be adorable, snarky, and frightening all in the same conversation. This narrative has a psychological mystery at its core, therefore it builds slowly. Before the devilish conclusion, though, a raging fire is produced.

Keep reading below for more information on the movie Run Rabbit Run. Access it on Netflix beginning June 28th, 2023.

A chilling psychological mystery with gory terror

Sarah (Sarah Snook) is a single parent and a fertility specialist. She is not totally alone with her daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre), since Mia’s father and stepmother are still involved. Still, she seems to have been moved by the death of her father.

In addition to losing her father and adjusting to life as a single parent, she also has to cope with her daughter’s increasingly odd behavior. Mia, age 7, says she misses and urgently wants to visit her grandma Joan.

Sarah is quite distant from her mother, and she and her mother have never met.

This is just one of the out-of-the-ordinary topics Mia brings up. The rabbit mask she insists on wearing isn’t as adorable as it sounds. Sarah’s own emotional baggage is having an eerie effect on her youngster.

Sarah needs to face her own childhood trauma, but she isn’t ready for that yet. At least at initially, but eventually, everyone must confront their history.

Lily LaTorre and Sarah Snook are captivating.

Sarah Snook (Succession, “Men Against Fire” on Black Mirror) and Lily LaTorre (The Clearing on Hulu) play a mother and daughter in Run Rabbit Run. These two leads carry the bulk of the film and are played by performers who are completely captivating.

Damon Herriman (Mindhunter, The Tourist) is Mia’s dad, while Greta Scacchi (The Terror) is Sarah’s mom. These two fantastic performers don’t share many moments together, but their roles are crucial to the plot. Greta Scacchi, in particular, has several moments that will shatter your heart.

In surprisingly various fashions, if I may add.

Netflix’s Run Rabbit Run’s last scene

Watching Run Rabbit Run on Netflix, regardless of your expectations, will have a profound effect on you.

This film’s mystery and heavy emphasis on psychological terror means that hints are scattered liberally throughout the narrative. That’s why you won’t see the Run Rabbit Run finale coming, and you’ll likely figure out some of the answers to the puzzle as they occur on screen.

When the closing credits roll, you may want to yell at your TV to keep playing. For the most part since it does leave certain questions unanswered. You’ll find resolution, but there’s also a cliffhanger at the end of Run Rabbit Run. Or a definitive conclusion, if you view the outcome as inevitable.

Run Rabbit Run is now available on Netflix.

A powerful Australian horror film with stunning images of the Australian landscape, directed by Daina Reid (Shining Girls, The Handmaid’s Tale, Helstrom). Daina Reid is a filmmaker who has proven time and again through her numerous successful TV shows that she understands how to portray strong, complex female leads.

Hannah Kent, author of the book Burial Rites, also penned the nonfiction work, Run Rabbit Run. Luca Guadagnino (Bones and All) is directing Jennifer Lawrence in an upcoming cinematic adaptation of the novel. To put it another way, Hannah Kent is just getting started, so we can anticipate more from her in the future.

Run Rabbit Run had its rights purchased by Netflix just before its Sundance premiere, but the streaming giant is only releasing the film in certain territories. Netflix subscribers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia (and many other countries) will be able to view it.

On June 28, 2023, Run Rabbit Run will be available on Netflix in the majority of nations across the world.

Daina Reid is the director.
Hannah Kent, author.
Greta Scacchi, Damon Herriman, Sarah Snook, and Lily LaTorre are the lead actors.


Q1. What does the ending of Run Rabbit Run mean?

Sarah’s persistent avoidance of her family, her history, and her sister’s recollections have caused her to experience disturbing hallucinations. She might never have injured her kid if she had taken the time to mend it. As a result, her mental sickness only worsens.

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