Aaron Rodgers is called out by a doctor with an MD-PhD

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Off the field, Aaron Rodgers has been the subject of numerous discussions. There is no denying that Rodgers is one of the most gifted quarterbacks in NFL history. However, he is also one of the most controversial players due to his off-field antics. The four-time MVP quarterback had an argument with a medical doctor and a philosopher. Aaron Rodgers did more than just provide his opinion on the matter at hand; he also backed a rival candidate.

In the feud between Joe Rogan and Peter Hotez, Aaron Rodgers took sides.

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There is a scandal surrounding Aaron Rodgers that has nothing to do with football. The quarterback for the New York Jets has been drawn into a dispute over vaccinations with Joe Rogan and Peter Hotez.

Hotez is a scientist and vaccine expert, whereas Rogan is arguably the most well-known podcast host in the world.

Rodgers has jumped into the debate because he supports Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr., who has been criticized for his anti-vaccine comments made on the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

The lawmaker and podcast host has repeatedly asked Dr. Peter Hotez to argue on air, but Hotez has declined. A video of the candidate known as RFK defaming Hotez was recently uploaded by Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers shared a movie on social media in which Robert Kennedy challenged the doctor and attempted to refute several of Hotez’s assertions.

When predicting that Kennedy will overcome Hotez, Aaron Rodgers went above and above. The recently acquired quarterback for the New York Jets wrote on his Instagram stories that “@RobertFKennedyJR would mop [the floor] with this bum.” This was a reference to old footage from a Rogan podcast in which Professor Horetz discussed his “unhealthy eating habits.” When writing, “I don’t take health advice from unhealthy people,” Rodgers took another shot at Horetz’s muscular physique.

We all know about the entire vaccine/NFL experience that Rodgers went through, and we also know that he has previously shown support for RFK.

In Reply to Aaron Rodgers, Professor Peter Hotez MD-PhD

“This [Rodgers post] was so unnecessary,” MSNBC regular Hotez remarked. I’m bummed he had to resort to a cheap shot at me this week. I was critical of his antivaccine position in public [at the time], and I felt compelled to say something to prevent needless deaths by 2021.

Whether you love or hate Aaron Rodgers because of his on-field play or his off-field antics, you can’t deny that he is one of the most divisive personalities in the NFL.


Q1. What are some interesting trivia about Aaron Rodgers?

In 2011, Aaron Rodgers won his first NFL MVP for his 45 touchdowns, 4,643 passing yards, and NFL-record 122.5 passer rating. He also won Super Bowl XLV’s MVP when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Q2. Why is Aaron Rodgers the greatest?

Green Bay’s Rodgers was unquestionably exceptional. Rodgers, a four-time MVP, owns the best career touchdown/interception ratio. Green Bay’s Super Bowl triumph over Pittsburgh earned him MVP honors.

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