Aaron Rodgers advocates for psychedelics’ legalization

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On Wednesday, Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the New York Jets, spoke at a Denver conference on psychedelics. Rodgers advocated for the legalization of such drugs throughout the event.

“Is it not ironic that the things that actually expand your mind are illegal, while the things that… dumb you down have been legal for centuries?” An audio of Rodgers’s comments was made available to PFT. We need to make a change there. That needs to change. It’s all about spreading knowledge and information.

The not-so-subtle persecution complex that Rodgers carries with him everywhere he goes is one thing that hasn’t changed.

“I guarantee you all these bums who want to come after me online about my experience and stuff, they’ve never tried it,” he said. They’re the best candidates for the job. We have to get these folks to start using it.

Rodgers determined a year ago that, after seeing his performance improve after using it for the first time in 2020, he would feel comfortable discussing its use.

Aaron Rodgers and Rick Perry will speak at the psychedelics conference

After his first ayahuasca session, he remarked, “It’s gonna be hard to cancel me.” We had a successful season since we scored 26 touchdowns and only had four turnovers in 2017. The Ayahuasca player scored 46 touchdowns and only turned the ball over five times.

As for the “cool thing” about using it, he said it was the reaction he got, “not from the media that calls me a druggie or a hippie or whatever.” Then, he began to sound more and more like a druggie or a hippy or something.

Rodgers remarked

“You know,” “words are so interesting.” Their magic is really potent. The arrangement of letters has great significance, which is why we refer to it as “spelling.”

I’ve never labeled him a junkie, hippy, or anything else negative. It seems to me that he takes great pleasure in playing the victim and passing the buck. He’s certainly not the first athlete to act in such a way; he’s simply one of the most visible.

Here’s a remark that stuck out to me because it gives insight into the challenges faced by professional football players who have achieved success. Rodgers claimed he began seeking God following his 2011 Super Bowl victory.

Holding the Lombardi Trophy was the pinnacle of my life’s achievements,” Rodgers remarked. Now I can say, “I did it. So what? So, I have to ask, “Why are we doing this?”

Some quarterbacks see their job as quite straightforward. Keep trying. Once again. Once again. Rodgers chose to go within, and 13 years later he is still striving to return to a Super Bowl (though he doesn’t believe in coincidences).

Fans of the New York Jets can only hope that whatever hallucinogen Rodgers takes in the next months will lead to a revelation that his life’s mission is to win one more Super Bowl before retiring – with his current club.


Q1. What is Aaron Rodger’s net worth?

Aaron Rodger has a net worth that is projected to be in the range of $200 million, which places him among the highest-paid sportsmen in the world.

Q2. What does Aaron Rodgers own?

Aaron Rodgers is the owner of the Chicago Bears, and he likes to make fun of Bears supporters by saying that Soldier Field is like his second home. He does not, however, own the franchise, yet he is victorious against them every time they compete.

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