‘Yellowstone’ prequel ‘1923,’ starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, is delayed due to a writer’s strike

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The national writer’s strike has put an indefinite hold on the production of “1923,” the “Yellowstone” spin-off series starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

According to NBC Montana, the popular television program was supposed to begin filming for season two of the show this week. However, owing to the continuing labor dispute that is being led by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), the show’s producers have decided to postpone their plans.

Since it began on May 2, the WGA strike has shown no signs of ending.

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The cast and crew of “1923” had planned to resume filming in Butte, Montana, but the manager of the Civic Center Bill Melvin was informed of the significant setback caused by the ongoing writer’s strike.

According to the report, Taylor Sheridan’s creation asked to extend its contract with Butte-Silver Bow by 10 days. The extension has been granted by the Civic Center board, but it still has to be approved by the City-County Commission.

The Civic Center’s use was estimated to cost $75,000 per month in the contract between the “1923” production crew and Butte-Silver Bow.

The “1923” production crew has the option to request more extensions if they become necessary due to the length of the WGA strike.

Melvin said the Civic Center will be available to the production crew after the writers’ strike is over, but he acknowledged that further strikes may impede the WGA’s progress.

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According to the report, the Screen Actors Guild has also stated its intention to strike if a deal is not reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers before the end of the month.

The announcement comes after Mirren commented on the effects of the WGA strike in “1923.”

The 77-year-old actress spoke about when Season 2 would begin filming in the midst of the Los Angeles-wide writer’s strike. Sheridan’s writing talents were lauded by Mirren, who thinks he could have completed much of Season 2 before the strike began.

It’s as if Taylor, the great creative force that he is, writes in his sleep or something. She told Variety, “But I have to say, when the scripts arrive, they are perfect.”

You don’t want to alter the text in any way. Actually, no. It doesn’t matter how long a scene is. A brief scene is fine. They are exquisitely made. If he had written any before the strike, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. If he has, then it’s time to go to work. If not, then I assume we’ll have to delay it for a bit.

Mirren has not read a second-season script as of yet.

With, “I suspect we’ll be jumping in not knowing what’s happening,” she elaborated on the likelihood of the group’s lack of knowledge.

Mirren co-stars with Ford, who plays Jacob Dutton, on the popular show. Mirren said that she “loved” working with Ford over 40 years ago on “The Mosquito Coast,” but that they “were very different people then.”

The second half of the fifth and last season of the Western starring Kevin Costner, “Yellowstone,” will premiere in November, followed by a new series with the same name premiering in December.

No information on the filming schedule for the last episodes of “Yellowstone” has been released as of yet.

The request for comment from Fox News Digital was not immediately responded to by Paramount or representatives for Ford or Mirren.


Q1. Why was Yellowstone no longer producing?

The Journal stated that Paramount and 101 officials were concerned by the showrunner’s high spending, which included Sheridan’s Yellowstone prequels on Paramount Plus. The research indicated each episode of 1923 cost $22 million.

Q2. Is Yellowstone season 5 in production?

Production on Yellowstone Season 5 began in Missoula, Montana, that June of 2022.

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