Why 3 Zodiac Signs May Have a Hard Week As of July 17

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With Mercury in fiery Aries, this week is off to a rousing start. This astrological occurrence should inspire us to take on challenges this week that we would have avoided doing the week before. The horoscopes for three signs of the zodiac will be challenging from July 17 to July 23. We might anticipate intense feelings, hasty choices, and amorous displays of ardor. The transition toward Leo season is felt by everybody. Only three zodiac signs really stand out this week, so let’s take a look at what’s in store for them.

The Moon in Leo is in opposition to Pluto, suggesting a strong need for profound change that may lead to a metamorphosis. Now that summer has here and we no longer have an excuse to look like a potato, many of us have resolved to go back on the treadmill or begin a diet plan.

The Sun trines Neptune this week, encouraging us to put our imagination and drive toward our goals (turning our dreams into reality). with the Sun squaring the North Node (let go of the past and go into the present). This week, when the Moon moves through Virgo, we will experience a sense of calm and composure, with no sudden outbursts of emotion.

The Sun’s entry into lively and confident Leo on June 23 coincides with a planetary conjunction between Mercury and Lilith. For the three zodiac signs most impacted by this week’s transits, there will be a lot of “kiss and makeup” sessions. After an argument, people often apologize and give each other gifts quite publicly. The Moon will be in Libra this weekend, indicating to us that everything we set our minds to can be accomplished with ease, efficiency, and enthusiasm. Which signs of the zodiac will feel the most burdened by their ardor?

This week’s horoscopes are challenging for three zodiac signs:


It’s only accessible by going through it. This week, Aries, you will likely experience a bit of a ‘night of the soul’ before you reach the high notes. You realize that you’ve been neglecting yourself for far too long and making excuses for it. You’ll be forced to look at yourself closely from the 17th to the 23rd of July, and you won’t like what you see.

Why 3 Zodiac Signs May Have a Hard Week As of July 17

So, you’ll experience your own kind of self-hatred in your own time, but ultimately you’ll triumph. You are the only one who can effect the change you seek, so you make preparations for the future. This horrible form of body hate is not for you; instead, you must look at yourself and fall in love. If you have a bad week, next week will be your lucky one. Don’t give up.


You feel like your life has been falling apart and although that doesn’t mean there’s no hope, you don’t like the direction your decisions have taken you in. It’s now or never, and with all this Pluto energy in the air, you know it. What should I do? What are you going to do first? From July 17-23, you’ll realize that you’re unhappy with a lot of things and that change is necessary.

You know you can’t keep going like this and that you have to pull yourself up out of your depression. You may feel the strength of resolve rising inside you as the Leo season approaches. You haven’t arrived quite yet, but ideas are beginning to form. The journey to fulfillment may be lengthy, but you may begin it this week.


This week, Capricorn, you have a very low opinion of yourself, and it seems that your strong and pervasive desire is the driving force behind all of this introspection and criticism. You don’t despise yourself; you’d never go that far; but there are aspects about yourself that you really detest, and you know you have to make some adjustments if you want to make it through life unscathed.

Why 3 Zodiac Signs May Have a Hard Week As of July 17

You feel like you’re always berating yourself since Mars and the Moon are in opposition to Saturn. It’s time to face the fact that certain things just aren’t to your taste. Yes, I understand. It is time to proceed at this moment. Stop wallowing in self-pity and start making wonderful things happen in your life. You’ve already done what you might have avoided and learned from your errors. I believe in you!


As we have seen, astrology gives an interesting prism through which to examine many facets of life, such as lifespan and health. While zodiac sign analysis might provide some insight into longevity, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is only one factor. A person’s lifespan is strongly affected by factors including genetics, lifestyle choices, and access to healthcare. Regardless of one’s astrological sign, people may improve their chances of living a long and happy life by making wise decisions, prioritizing their health and happiness, and striving for a whole perspective on life.


Q1. Can astrology reliably anticipate weekly events?

Astrology is based on zodiac signs and celestial placements. Weekly horoscopes give sun sign-based advice, but they cannot foresee future occurrences. However, they might offer a larger viewpoint or weekly themes.

Q2. How do people use weekly horoscopes?

Weekly horoscopes can aid self-reflection and progress. Horoscopes can reveal week-long obstacles and possibilities. It can help individuals be more self-aware and make deliberate decisions that follow their astrological direction. However, horoscope insights should be used with human agency and critical thought.

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