Who Cashes Handwritten Payroll Checks

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Handwritten payroll checks may seem archaic in this day and age of direct deposit and automated payment systems. There are still situations when payroll checks are made by hand, such as in small enterprises or other exceptional cases. This article will discuss the factors to think about when cashing a handwritten payroll check as well as the many alternatives available to you.

Choices for Cashing Payroll Checks Written by Hand

Banks and Credit Unions

Payroll checks signed by hand may only be cashed at banks and credit unions. Checks can be deposited or cashed at the customer’s discretion at many institutions that provide this service. If you have an account at the financial institution on which the check is written, the bank is more likely to accept and process the check without any additional costs being assessed. A charge or other restrictions may apply if the recipient of the check is not a bank account holder.

Payday Loans & Cash Advances

If you do not have a bank account or are having trouble cashing your handwritten payroll checks at a bank, you may want to consider using a check-cashing service. Payroll checks are only one of the many types of checks that these services cash. A fee, either a set rate or a percentage of the check amount, is often assessed for this service. To guarantee a fair and cheap transaction, it is vital to evaluate the prices and terms of various check cashing services.

Retail Stores

As an extra service, several establishments, especially larger chains, cash checks for their clients. In accordance with their regulations and fees, they will accept payroll checks made by hand. Be sure to find out in advance whether there are any fees or restrictions on the sorts of checks they accept. Check cashing services may also be restricted to customers having a membership or loyalty card to a certain retail establishment.

Verifying the integrity of the check and the issuer is essential when cashing a handwritten payroll check to prevent fraud or bounced checks. Some guidelines for success are as follows.

Acceptance and Recognition

Before handing the cheque to be cashed, be sure you have signed the back. When endorsing anything, it is common practice to sign your name and add the words “For Deposit Only” or “For Cash.” Most places that paychecks will also need you to present photo identification, so have your driver’s license or passport handy.

Please Confirm

You can call the company or person who issued the check to confirm its legitimacy if you have any worries about its authenticity or the reliability of the issuer. This precaution might serve as a shield against scammers and fake checks.

Price Analysis

Always shop around for the best deal when looking into the services of a check-cashing company. Finding the most affordable choice and avoiding exorbitant fees that may eat up a large chunk of your income can be accomplished using this method.


Although written payroll checks have become less common in recent years, they may still be encountered in certain circumstances. These checks may be cashed at banks, credit unions, check-cashing businesses, and some retail locations. Cashing handwritten payroll checks may be a stressful and perhaps dangerous experience if you don’t know what your alternatives are or follow best practices like verifying checks and comparing fees.


Q1. Who cashes handwritten payroll checks?

Payroll checks signed by hand can be cashed at many different types of financial institutions. Payroll checks made by hand may be cashed at some check-cashing businesses for a fee.

Q2. Can I cash a handwritten payroll check at my bank?

How your bank handles such situations is up to them. While some financial institutions may accept payroll checks made by hand, others may insist that they be deposited into an account first. If you want to know whether or not your bank will accept payroll checks written by hand, you should call ahead.

Q3.Do all institutions accept payroll cheques that are handwritten?

Written payroll checks may not be accepted at all financial institutions. When it comes to cashing checks, the regulations and procedures of various banks might vary widely. The cheque must be deposited and cleared by the bank before any withdrawals may be made. Check with your financial institution beforehand to learn their rules for cashing payroll checks made in hand.

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