Steph Curry Reacts to Officiating in Warriors vs. Lakers Game 3

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In this Western Conference Semi-Finals series between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, the free throw disparity has been substantial. The two teams play very different styles of basketball, which undoubtedly affects how frequently they are fouled, but the Warriors have been subtly annoyed by the officials in this series.

The fact that whistles can affect more than just free throw attempts is something that frequently goes unmentioned when talking about how a game is refereed. The Warriors’ offense is hampered by the game’s slowing down due to foul calls in more ways than just the points they are giving up at the free throw line since they like to create transition opportunities.
When asked about the number of fouls assessed against Golden State during Game 3, Steph Curry responded, “I mean, yes. It’s never in our advantage when the game ends, especially on the road, and despite their best efforts to defend us. You only need to comprehend momentum. It all matters in a game with two contrasting playing styles. Me and Klay had a small communication hiccup during a turnover, but the onslaught of whistles and other distractions quickly changed the flow.
Curry responded when asked how they should handle calls that don’t go their way, “Just stay confidence in who we are and how we play, and don’t get distracted by something you can’t control. Despite how aggravating it is.

Curry acknowledged that the officiating affected the game’s flow, but he refused to use that as an excuse for the defeat. Curry made many points in his postgame press conference about how eager the team is to have a chance to respond in Game 4.

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