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During the second half of the game between the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs, Derek Carr of the New Orleans Saints monitors the action at the Caesars Superdome. It is imperative that credit be given to Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports.

The final NFL preseason game is a team’s last chance to have a “dress rehearsal” before the start of the regular season. As a consequence of this, it is not unusual for teams to run through their starting lineup a few times during preseason games in order to test their readiness for the beginning of the season.

Despite this, it does not look like the New Orleans Saints will be able to accomplish so with Derek Carr as their quarterback.

A recent press conference held by the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Dennis Allen, revealed that quarterback Derek Carr would not participate in the Saints’ last preseason game, which will be played on Sunday night against the Houston Texans.

Nick Underhill, a beat reporter for the New Orleans Saints, wrote: “Dennis Allen stated on Twitter that Derek Carr will not play this week,”

It is rather unexpected that the Saints would make such a move given that Carr is relatively new to the franchise and is probably still working on developing chemistry with the offense.

Carr played for the Saints in only one of their preseason games this year. That game was against the Kansas City Chiefs, and he completed six of eight passes for seventy yards and a score in that contest. As a direct consequence of this, Carr will not participate in any live drills until just before the start of the regular season.


Q1. How many TDS does Carr have?

Derek Carr has 217 career touchdown passes.

Q2. What is the tattoo on Derek Carr’s wrist?

The Chi Rho Christogram on Carr’s right wrist consists of the two Greek letters that combine to create the Greek word “Christos” in transliteration. The Roman Emperor Constantine first employed the sign as a military standard (or emblem) in the fourth century.

Q3. How rich is Carr?

NFL Career Earnings Assets Age Wife Derek Carr’s Net Worth in 2023

Derek Carr, a star quarterback for the American football team, is worth $85 million.What’s going to happen to Derek Carr?

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