Mexico defeats Haiti at State Farm Stadium in Glendale’s Concacaf Gold Cup

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Mexico’s opening goal in Sunday’s Concacaf Gold Cup opener against Honduras came less than a minute into the game.

It took until 45 seconds into the second half on Thursday at State Farm Stadium, but once “LamborJimmy” got going again, no one could stop it.

Mexico defeated Haiti 3-1 in the Gold Cup finals thanks to a goal from Henry Martin with a header and improved finishing in the second half. Mexico’s offensive pressure resulted in a crucial own goal from Haiti, and more goals were scored by Santiago Gimenez and Mexico.

All night long, Mexico was the superior team, assaulting the Haitian end with a faster tempo and greater confidence thanks to their new head coach, Jaime Lozano. The name “LamborJimmy” is a play on words referencing Lozano’s riskier tactic of having his players travel higher up the pitch, which has paid off in the form of goals and elevated the emotions of the squad and its legion of supporters in Mexico and the United States.

The 3-0 Gold Cup victory over Honduras was Mexico’s first in Glendale since July 2021, and it was helped along by two assists from Uriel Antua. Following that, Mexico suffered a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Uruguay in 2016 and a 1-1 draw with the United States in April of this year.

With this victory, Mexico improved to 6–2 all-time at State Farm Stadium. It’s only lost twice and tied four times.

Lozano remarked in Spanish, “In getting to know the players, I’ve tried to make things easier.” The players appear satisfied and confident despite the lack of assurance this outcome provides. We were versatile; we controlled the ball; we made good passes; we scored a lot of points.

With two victories out of two, Mexico has almost secured a spot in the Gold Cup’s quarterfinals. With two wins and a defeat, Haiti has accumulated three points to lead Group B, while Honduras and Qatar are still in the hunt with two points apiece.

Alberth Elis scored the equalizer for Honduras against Qatar in stoppage time of the first leg of Thursday’s doubleheader in Glendale. After the game, there was a fight on the field between the two squads because Qatar was so angry over losing.

Most of the 34,527 fans, though, came to witness Mexico play under Lozano’s new system, which has helped get the team off to a great start under his leadership. Even though Mexico lost 3-0 to the United States in the Concacaf Nations League playoffs just two weeks ago, the audience was still significantly less than the 50,000 to 60,000 that usually attend Mexico games in Glendale.

Former coach Diego Cocca was let out after the defeat and other team issues. Already, Mexico has just seen it’s worst showing at the World Cup in decades.

More exciting play and, of course, victories, might convince Mexico’s soccer association to retain Lozano on board for the long haul.

We’re calmer and happier on the field now. The Mexican team, led by Jorge Sanchez, has been successful in bringing out the best in each player. Competition is fierce, but the team is in fine shape and is learning to complement one another.

In the postgame news conference, Lozano didn’t appear to care much about the moniker, but he was pleased with the end outcome.

“Well, I don’t know who started it,” Lozano said. However, the players make a coaching staff what it is. We’re becoming closer and more at ease with one another by the day. We made some progress, but there’s still more to accomplish.

Danley Jean Jacques was on the end of a corner kick not covered effectively by Mexico and blasted the ball past Guillermo Ochoa in the 77th minute, bringing the score to 2-1 with Haiti pressing for a tie, proving to be a large and athletic squad.

However, Mexico did not appreciate the counterattack. In the 83rd minute, Gimenez scored the game-winner after receiving a superb cross from Antua on the counterattack.

Fans gave Gimenez a standing ovation as he came in as a second-half substitution because he is widely considered as one of Mexico’s best players.

With Jimmy’s coaching, “I think we’re buying into how he wants us to play,” Ochoa said.

It appeared like Qatar’s seventh-minute goal would stand until Elis overcame his defender and slotted away a deflection in stoppage time. Honduras had more opportunities in the second half and played better football overall.

This was Qatar’s second appearance in Glendale. The future World Cup hosts won the Gold Cup quarterfinals against El Salvador, 3-2, in July 2021.

The final score was the United States 1, Qatar 0.


Q1. Who won Mexico or Haiti?

Mexico advanced to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup with a 3-1 victory against Haiti on Thursday night thanks to a diving header from Henry Martin 44 seconds into the second half.

Q2. Where can I watch Mexico vs Haiti?

In the United States, Mexico vs. Haiti game will air on FS1 (English), Univision, and TUDN (Spanish), all of which may be viewed online via Fubo’s free trial.

Q3. What country conquered Haiti?

France., Spain laid claim to the island first, but eventually gave France control of its western two-thirds. Haiti was formerly a French colony known as Saint-Domingue until 1804.

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