Gilbert Arenas criticizes NBA’s Ja Morant punishment. “It’s Too Harsh!”

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Gilbert Arenas has spoken out against the 25-game suspension handed down to Ja Morant by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver earlier this month, claiming that the penalty does not suit the crime.

In an emotional interview with TMZ Sports earlier this week, the former Wizards player lashed out at the Association, saying that Ja’s ban for brandishing yet another pistol on film should have been far less than what it ended up being.

Forthrightly stating, “It’s too harsh,” Arenas remarked.

When asked to explain, he responded that he believes the decision was based on subjectivity rather than precedent.

According to Arenas, most players he has seen get slapped by the league in the past for gun-related infractions have only had 1 to 7-game suspensions, so Morant’s extended sentence is extremely harsh.

According to Arenas, “It’s public perception.” A majority of people want him to be detained. The NBA has stepped in and said, “All right, we have to make it look reasonable.”

Arenas feels Silver should have taken into account Morant’s previous off-court hardships while deciding on a penalty for him.

Arenas observed Morant, “He’s already taken Ls,” referring to the little breaks he received from Nike and Powerade. His reputation has suffered a major setback.

Arenas told us he finds the situation so unjust that he believes Ja will file an appeal and ultimately succeed.

Of all, Gilbert has enough of expertise in this sector; after his notorious gun incident in 2009, he ultimately lost 50 games of his career.

He assured us that if Morant made contact, he would respond to Ja with all the knowledge he had gathered from the great Bang.

The Memphis star expressed regret for his involvement in Silver’s decision and pleaded with his supporters: “I hope you’ll give me the chance to prove to you over time I’m a better man than what I’ve been showing you.”

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After 12 years in the NBA, Gil has transitioned to a career in media as host of the “Gil’s Arena” podcast on the Underground Fantasy Content Network, where he discusses various basketball-related topics.


Q1. What caused Morant’s 25-game ban?

The NBA confirmed Ja Morant’s suspension for the Memphis Grizzlies’ 25-game losing streak without pay on Friday. Morant has been suspended because he has twice this year been shown with a firearm on social media. Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver referred to Morant’s actions as “destructive” and “alarming and disconcerting.”

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