Ezekiel Elliott Expected to Sign $5 Million Contract With New AFC Contender

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Since Ezekiel Elliott, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys, is still a free agent, his 2023 uniform status is up in the air. Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports acted as a matchmaker, helping running backs with murky futures find promising new teams. According to Benjamin, Elliott is signing a new one-year, $5 million contract with the Patriots to play under famous head coach Bill Belichick.

Benjamin noted on June 19, 2023, that while “New England has young Rhamondre Stevenson as a potential offensive focal point,” the Patriots may utilize “proven insurance” after releasing the injury-plagued James Robinson before he could even make his Patriots debut. Although Elliott’s starting days are behind, Bill Belichick’s usual packed backfield would be a good match for him as a pass blocker and short-term rotational player.

Elliott may be a useful complement to Stevenson, especially in short-yardage situations, and New England does have a need for a running back after releasing Robinson. Elliott, who has never played in a Super Bowl, would be able to rectify that by signing with the Patriots.

There Is Still Hope for Ezekiel Elliott to Return to the Dallas Cowboys

Due in large part to the $90 million remaining on Elliott’s deal, which was set to run through 2026, the Cowboys let him go in March. Even while Dallas keeps saying they are open to re-signing Elliott, many sources on the organization are skeptical that this is indeed the case.

According to Jones, “there’s an active free agent market relative to some pretty talented people out there,” as he told the reporters on June 5. To that end, we will be keeping a careful watch on it. When it comes to the possibility of making a strategic addition to our team for this season, I have never, ever closed the door.

“This year, I want to underscore that. To be more specific, I would say that 99% of my thoughts are focused on this year. When making these choices, you must consider how they will play out in future years. It might be Zeke, for all you know. Whether it’s with the men we worked out with today or elsewhere.”

NFL Rumors: Chargers & Buccaneers Also Want Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott has also been connected to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Chargers this offseason due to the hiring of former Cowboys coaches by those two organizations. Former offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has joined the Los Angeles Rams, and former running backs coach Skip Peete has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So far in free agency, Elliott’s old coach thinks the playmaker is hesitant to accept a significant price reduction.

I’m sure he’d perform well everywhere, but I have no idea how to break the news to him that “You’re gonna play for a million dollars,” as I informed him. Peete made the comment at a news conference on May 10. And I’m guessing he had a salary of around $12 million. Who then will be the one to break this news to him?

That’s probably why he’s sitting on the bench, but if you want to play, being the second or third option is the price you have to pay. So, if that’s what they want to do, it’s up to them to make that choice for themselves.


In conclusion, former Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is expected to sign a one-year, $5 million deal with the New England Patriots. After releasing James Robinson, the Patriots need to fill the void at running back, and Elliott may be a good addition to Rhamondre Stevenson’s current supporting cast. It would also offer Elliott another chance to participate in the Super Bowl by bringing him back to a competitive team. There is some doubt among Dallas Cowboys’ insiders that the team’s public pronouncements about Elliott’s possible comeback are sincere. The Chargers and the Buccaneers, among others, have been mentioned as possible destinations for Elliott this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Ezekiel Elliott?

Ezekiel Elliott is a running back for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). St. Louis, Missouri, was his birthplace. Elliott was a two-time Big Ten champion and 2014 College Football Playoff National Champion at Ohio State. He was picked fourth overall by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft. Elliott was the NFL running leader in 2016 and 2018.

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