Damian Lillard seems to have altered his tune since April

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The Pacific Northwest is beautiful, I’ve been told. The simple act of waking up to a breathtaking panorama every day may do wonders for one’s sense of pride. Possibly it’s hard for Damian Lillard to seek a trade from the Trail Blazers while he’s looking out at the lush greenery of whatever opulent mansion $40 million per year can purchase in the Portland region.

Lillard made it clear at the end of the 2022–23 season that he wanted the Trail Blazers to start preparing for the playoffs right away. He had no desire to start again with inexperienced players.

Damian Lillard’s tone has altered since April

The Blazers had the third overall choice in the 2023 NBA Draft and instead of trading it for seasoned aid, they used it on a 19-year-old rookie. If the Blazers don’t make any changes, Lillard and 6-foot-2 rookie Scoot Henderson will be their starting backcourt for the 2023-24 season.

On Monday, Lillard talked with the Blazers’ administration. Brian Windhorst of ESPN claims that nobody shook any tables, threw any chairs, or broke any glasses. Lillard didn’t complain when the Blazers drafted Henderson despite his opposition to bringing in fresh talent. He plans to wait until free agency to make a decision so he can see what the front office can do.

Blazer’s free agency begins and perhaps ends with Jerami Grant. In 2020, he committed to the Detroit Pistons on a three-year, $60 million contract. Grant has consistently scored approximately 20 points every season, shot at least 35 percent from deep, and been a reliable defender over his contract’s duration. The Blazers, who acquired him in a trade last summer, allegedly made him a four-year, $112 million deal, which he rejected.

Grant would be a great asset to a title contender, but the Blazers aren’t really close right now. They need the secondary scoring option and team defense essential to be successful, and Grant is not the sort of player who can fill those roles.

The Blazers also re-signed Jusuf Nurki and Anfernee Simons throughout the offseason. There is no more money to give Grant an extension. The most valuable asset they have is a guaranteed first-round choice in every draft for the next decade. It will require dealing quite a few of them in order to improvise a viable competitor. That would be putting all of their eggs in one basket, risking everything on a squad with some bright young stars in Henderson and Shadeon Sharpe.

It appears from the Blazers’ past actions that they are not heading in the route of putting their future in the center of the blackjack table. At age 32, with only one trip to the conference finals under his belt, Lillard must be enjoying life to have such patience.

His income is expected to increase in the future. In the last year of his deal, he has a player option that could earn him almost $63 million. Why should he shake things up if he is happy living where he is, working where he is, and being so close to his family in Oakland?

He could have been frustrated in April by the Trail Blazers’ lack of effort, but after some time away and some thought, he’d realize how fortunate he is. Perhaps he will never receive the NBA’s MVP award or win a title. His tenure in the NBA will be remembered fondly by anybody who followed the league at the time.

He was voted one of the 75 greatest players of all time and eliminated two playoff teams with buzzer-beating 3-pointers. Lillard is one of the finest teammates in the NBA, and I can’t stress the importance of that cash enough. A former Weber State Wildcats basketball player might walk away with $500,000,000 in earnings.

The Blazers have paid little attention to what Lillard said after the season ended so far this offseason. Despite his wishes, they opted for youth. They are strapped for cash, and re-signing their second-best player would effectively finish the 2023-24 season before it ever began.

Perhaps Lillard has a plan for how he intends to negotiate a trade. Perhaps he has some sincere faith in management’s vision. Or maybe he is exactly where he wants to be, and a few setbacks at work aren’t going to alter that.


Q1. Does Damian Lillard own a car lot?

In October 2020, Lillard opened a McMinnville Toyota dealership. The enormous dealership has more than automobiles. The showroom contains basketball hoops, Lillard’s shoe line, and a kids’ play area.

Q2. What is Damian net worth?

His off-court hobbies add to his fortune, although basketball is his main source. Damian Lillard’s $110 million net worth in 2023 shows his achievements on and off the court.

Q3. How rich is Lillard?

Lillard Net Worth 2023: Damian Lillard is a $110 million American professional basketball player. He’s an NBA star.

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