Zendaya Feeds Tom Holland Ice Cream As They Step Out For Cute Day Date

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Zendaya Feeds Tom Holland Ice Cream As They Step Out For Cute Day Date

Every day brings a new reason why Zendaya and Tom Holland are the ideal couple. The cute couple has been together since at least 2021. On Friday, June 16, they were seen taking a walk through a park in London. They looked as happy as ever. The Daily Mail got pictures of the Dune star, 26, happy as she fed her British boyfriend, 27, ice cream while he walked their black miniature Schnauzer called Noon. You can see those photos HERE.

The two of them were dressed in casual clothes for the trip. Zendaya wore black athletic clothes that hugged her skin and white sneakers. Tom, on the other hand, wore light-wash blue pants, a pink t-shirt with a picture on it, and a bright blue baseball cap on its back. After Zendaya and Tom were seen on vacation in Venice, Italy last month, they went on a casual date.

Tom recently stated why he doesn’t like to talk about his long-term friendship with the former Disney star. “We are very protective of our relationship, which we want to keep as holy as possible. We don’t think we owe it to anyone, it’s our thing, and it has nothing to do with our jobs,” he told The Hollywood Reporter on June 14.

The two have done a good job of keeping their relationship quiet. In 2017, they shut down reports that they were dating, and they avoid answering questions about their relationship whenever they can. Fans have seen a few signs of their love for each other over the years, like when Zendaya wished her man a happy birthday on June 1. The “Replay” singer posted two pictures of him on her Instagram Story to mark his new trip around the sun. You can see them here. In the first picture, Tom was standing on rocks by the ocean and smiling. In the second, he was underwater and making a heart sign with his hands. Zendaya also wished him a happy birthday on Instagram in 2022, calling him “the one who makes me the happiest.”

In a cover interview for InStyle in November 2021, Zendaya gushed about Tom’s character. This shows that she is getting more comfortable talking about their relationship. “Of course, there are many things about him that I like. I like that he loves being Spider-Man from an acting point of view. You have to act like a superhero everywhere you go, which is a lot of pressure. You are Spider-Man to the little kid who walks by. “I think he did a great job with that,” she said.

Zendaya and the star of Uncharted were said to be dating for the first time in 2017. This was a year after they met on the set of their first Spider-Man movie. But they started dating other people after that, which put an end to the rumors. Zendaya dated star Jacob Elordi for a short time, and Tom and Nadia Parkes made it official on Instagram. Fans of Zendaya and Tom were in for a treat in 2021, when the two were caught kissing in their car. In August of that year, they went to a wedding together. In December, at the photocall for Spider-Man: No Way Home, it was the first time they walked the red carpet together.

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