Yellowstone’s Fans: Here’s Some Disappointing News From ‘1923’

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The first season of 1923 came to a tense and exciting conclusion with the Dutton family ranch being under assault and Spencer and Alex being separated while they were on their way to help preserve the ranch. Fans of the Yellowstone prequel will be disappointed to learn that the answers to the questions raised by this and other cliffhangers will not be provided any time soon.

The premiere of the first season took place in December of 2022, and there was considerable anticipation that the second season will also debut in December. As the strike by the Writers Guild of America continues into its second month, it is becoming increasingly improbable that this will occur.

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It was reported by NBC Montana that filming was intended to get underway in Butte early in the month of June. Butte Civic Center manager Bill Melvin informed NBC Montana that the project has been “delayed indefinitely” owing to the strike, whereby the production firm had a contract to rent out the Butte Civic Center for film sets and storage.

According to KXLF Butte, the production company paid $75,000 a month to rent the building when they filmed the first season of the show, which caused the Civic Center to be closed for much of the year 2022.

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In addition to this, members of the show’s cast have said unequivocally that season 2 will be the final one. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brandon Sklenar, who plays the role of Spencer Dutton, verified the revelation. The actor was quoted as saying, “It’s still limited, but I think of it as one piece—there’s just a split in the middle, but it’s all one piece. ” It will come to an end.

After what has been a very turbulent year for everything related to Yellowstone, we now have some news to share with you. Due to disagreements about contracts with the program’s actor, Kevin Costner, the original series has been canceled (the second half of the show’s last season is scheduled to premiere in November), and a new series that has not yet been given a name will start up where the previous show left off.

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