Why Is It So Important to Celebrate July 4th in the United States?

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Since 1941, the day of July 4, commonly known as Independence Day, has been officially observed in the United States as a national holiday and occasion for public celebration. Across the United States, the occasion is traditionally celebrated with a slew of parades, concerts, firework shows, and get-togethers with friends and family. However, what exactly is it about this particular day that makes it so important? Since 1776, July 4 has been commemorated as the day on which the Continental Congress decided to declare independence from Great Britain. Two days after that, on July 2nd, the historic Declaration of Independence, which had been prepared by Thomas Jefferson, was approved by thirteen separate colonies. In this article, we go further into the tremendous significance that this date holds in the annals of United States history.

The American Revolutionary War has strong ties to the Fourth of July

The Revolutionary War, often known as the American Revolution, began in April 1775, at a time when tensions were rising between local inhabitants and the colonial authorities in Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies. The colonies were located in what is now the United States. The two countries soon found themselves engaged in a full-scale war as a result of what had initially been a limited military skirmish that swiftly escalated. Soon after, those opposed to British control initiated hostilities with the goal of achieving total independence. Common Sense, a booklet written by Thomas Paine and first published in 1776, is widely credited for helping to stoke the flames of patriotism that led to the American Revolution against Great Britain.

The “Call for Independence” Issued by Richard Henry Lee on June 7

When Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee presented a call for the colonies to obtain independence during the Continental Congress convening at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia on June 7, 1776, this was a key historical occasion. The meeting was taking place at the Pennsylvania State House. The vote on Lee’s bill was postponed, but a five-man committee was subsequently formed to draft a formal agreement outlining a break with Great Britain. This committee was comprised of Robert R. Livingston from New York, Roger Sherman from Connecticut, John Adams from Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin from Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson from Virginia. Its mission was to outline the terms of a break with Great Britain.

The day of the vote for independence is July 2nd

After that, on July 2nd, the Continental Congress met once more and took a fresh vote on Lee’s proposed law. The vote came quite close to being unanimous, with the exception of the delegate from New York, who at first hesitated but eventually reaffirmed their support for the motion. On the fourth of July, just two days after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress held an official ceremony. This meant that while the real day that the United States became independent was on July 2nd, the formal paperwork for the Declaration of Independence was put together on July 4th, making this date the official Independence Day. This day also marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

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It Is an Important Date to Commemorate in History

Beginning in 1776 and continuing until the present day, the 4th of July is celebrated in numerous regions of the United States. During these celebrations, cannons were fired, music concerts and parades were held, and public readings of the Declaration of Independence were given. Some colonists celebrated their newfound freedom from British colonial control by staging mock funerals for King George III during the first year after the colonies won their independence from Britain. However, the Revolutionary War was still going on in some of the American colonies, and it wasn’t until after the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, when the British ultimately departed after their loss due to the fact that they were defeated, did celebrations extended over the whole United States. In the same year, the state of Massachusetts was the first to designate the Fourth of July as an official holiday for state employees and residents.

The Fourth of July was first recognized as a federal holiday by the United States Congress in the year 1870. In 1941, the day was designated as a holiday with pay for those working for the federal government. Since that time, the holiday of Independence Day has traditionally been observed with displays of fireworks, get-togethers with friends and family, the flying of the American flag, and performances of the national song of the United States. Independence Day may no longer hold the same political significance it once had, but it is still widely recognized across a large portion of the United States as a day on which tremendous patriotism and pride should be displayed.


Q1.Do people get July 3 2023 off?

The fourth of July, 2023, is the official day of Independence Day. Each year, the holiday falls on a different day of the week. When July 4 falls on a Saturday, we celebrate it the previous Friday, on July 3. Refer to the above table for specific dates. If July 4 falls on a Sunday, the holiday will be celebrated the following Monday, July 5.

Q2. What year is USA Independence Day?

Fireworks, parades, concerts, and even more low-key family picnics have all played a part in commemorating the day when American freedom was born on July 4, 1776. Tuesday, July 4, 2023, is Independence Day.

Q3. Who started Independence Day in America?

According to Wehrman, the Second Continental Congress voted to declare independence on July 2, 1776, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. He said that Adams had predicted that today would become Independence Day for future generations of Americans.

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