Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Gets Caught by Kraven the Hunter in Marvel Crossover Fan Poster

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is trapped by Aaron taylor-johnson’s Kraven in the new MCU/Kraven the Hunter fan poster. Holland portrays Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), where he has starred in a solo trilogy and several team-up films, with Holland’s Spider-Man 4 at Marvel now in production. It was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Taylor-Johnson made his debut as a superhero, in the role of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now, he’ll play Kraven The Hunter in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, and a Marvel fan has already pictured him capturing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

A Kraven The Hunter/Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse crossover fan poster featuring Tom Holland’s Peter Parker being caught by taylor-johnson’s Kraven was posted to Instagram by digital artist @agtdesign.

The fan art follows the release of the first official poster for Sony’s next Spider-Man Universe movie, in which taylor-johnson’s Kraven The Hunter reveals a comic-accurate suit. In the fan art, the two characters, who have great adventures together in the comics, come to life. There are a number of potential routes for a meeting between Holland’s Spider-Man and taylor-johnson’s Kraven the Hunter.

Could Kraven The Hunter, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Make an Appearance in the MCU?

taylor-johnson’s history as Quicksilver precludes him from playing the MCU version of Kraven the Hunter, but he may still act opposite Holland in a Spider-Man film in a different capacity. As part of the Multiverse Saga currently being implemented by Marvel Studios, Tom Hardy’s Venom from Sony’s Spider-Man Universe made a brief appearance in the MCU before disappearing again.

taylor-johnson’s Kraven may follow Venom’s example and exploit the multiverse to join the MCU and play a significant role there. The conclusion of Spider-Man: No Way Home set the stage nicely for Holland’s Spider-Man 4 to adapt the Kraven’s Last Hunt story arc from the comics, in which Kraven pursues and supposedly kills Spider-Man. A dramatic picture might be done with Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven chasing Peter Parker around New York City, with the hero having no one to turn to because everyone has forgotten about him thanks to Doctor Strange’s enchantment, and no access to Stark technology.

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However, the Marvel Studios crew may always have reservations about having Taylor-Johnson play Kraven in the MCU because of his personal history. If it happens, Peter Parker (Holland) can visit Kraven (Sony) in the Spider-Man Universe. Sony put an end to the speculation that Andrew Garfield will be playing Spider-Man in the debut teaser for Kraven: The Hunter, which included a number of spiders, while also teasing Spider-Man. Even though there is apparently no Spider-Man in Kraven’s reality, Spider-Man as portrayed by Tom Holland might show up in a Kraven The Hunter sequel according to the power of the multiverse.

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