Tom Holland Shares Adorable Tale About Impressing Zendaya With His Handyman Skills

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Tom Holland may have given away more than he wanted to about his relationship with his girlfriend Zendaya in a Friday interview with UNILAD. It all began when he told her a touching tale about how, early in their relationship, he impressed her with his handyman talents.

Once, very early in our relationship, I mended my girlfriend’s door, he stated. When I went to visit her, I saw that her front door had been damaged. We fell in love when I said, “I’m going to fix that door for you.”

Just that is enough:

Fans pointed out the similarities between this narrative and one Holland recounted on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019 before he and Zendaya were publicly linked. In this rendition, he talks of mending a door for a “friend.”

They were supposed to be an item well before they were seen kissing at a show in Los Angeles in 2021, but it’s likely that Holland merely uses repairing people’s doors as a method to get closer to them, platonically and romantically.

Since viral photographs of Zendaya kissing her Euphoria co-star, Jacob Elordi surfaced in 2020, their alleged 2019 dating history suggests they may have had an on-again, off-again romance. She and Elordi have both denied having any sort of romantic connection.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland discussed how Zendaya was the clear choice to play his love interest MJ in the Marvel picture, and how he’s been interested in her for a long time. The year 2016 was a long time ago.

“Of course, I’m happy she came in and took the test on that particular day. Why?” he said rhetorically. Not only is she his lover, but he also praises her as a great coworker. She may be the most gifted individual I’ve ever met.


Q1. Are Tom and Zendaya getting married?

Tom Holland and Zendaya have not gotten engaged.

Pop culture website Pop Hive reported in December 2022 that Tom Holland and Zendaya had secretly gotten engaged, fueling speculation that the Euphoria actress had posted an Instagram photo of her huge diamond ring.

Q2. Have Tom and Zendaya dated before?

It all began in 2016 on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, where the two actors first worked together. People were shipping them like crazy before they were even together, but the couple denied being an item and went on to date others.

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