Tom Holland Says He’s Aware Of The “Horrible Reviews” For His Apple TV+ Show “The Crowded Room”

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Tom Holland has been forthright about the toll filming The Crowded Room took on his psyche.

Holland admits that the series’ 31% Rotten Tomatoes score reflects the generally negative reception it has received since its release on Apple TV+.

“It’s no secret that my show The Crowded Room has been horribly reviewed,” the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor admitted in an interview with Unilad’s Get a Job!

A supporter of the Tottenham soccer team, Holland remarked that his “resilience” to the criticism comes from the fact that they “have never won anything” and that “supporting them is incredibly difficult.”

“I’m here today to promote the show,” he elaborated. It’s not over yet. I’m tough as nails. This is an admirable trait in a potential new hire.

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Later in the film, Holland explained his intentions for the concert, saying, “The message of the show, which can speak to so many different issues, is that asking for help should be something that we as a society celebrate.” Doing so takes courage.

He went on to say, “I hope that this show can represent that in a truthful, authentic, and most importantly sensitive way,” whether the issue at hand is substance misuse, domestic violence, or bullying at school. If we can help individuals feel comfortable enough to admit, “I’m not feeling good, I really need some help,” then I think we’ve accomplished our goal.

Prior to his appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark, Holland had thanked his supporters for giving the film a great rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where it was at 94% at the time.

I’d want to give a huge shout-out to everyone who has supported me and the program thus far: “We’re at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes,” he stated. “I’m honored and really excited for the rest of the show to come out,” she said. “I feel so grateful that I have a wonderful community of people that support me and are there for me.”


Q1. The Crowded Room is based on what, exactly?

The miniseries is based on the 1981 novel The Minds of Billy Milligan and follows Danny Sullivan (Holland), who is jailed for a gunshot at Rockefeller Center in 1979.

Q2. Will Netflix stream The Crowded Room?

The Crowded Room is not available to view on Netflix at this time. As an Apple Original series, the miniseries is exclusive to Apple TV+. A monthly subscription to the site may be purchased for $6.99.

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