These 3 Zodiac Signs Take the Longest To Get Ready

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Everyone has a buddy that takes forever to get ready when they want to go out. They’re usually the last ones to get in the Uber, even if they’ve had days to prepare for the event and know precisely what they’re going to wear. And even then, while you’re on the road, they’re perfecting their outfit. That they do so annoyingly is a fact, but please don’t hold it against them. The length of time it takes these three zodiac signs to be ready may not be within their control.

Getting ready is a hassle whether you’re getting ready for a day at the office or a night out with the girls. Choosing an attire is the first step. The next step is to track out the lost shoe pair in your wardrobe. After that, you have to sort through a mountain of cosmetics to locate your ideal lip color and eye shadow shade. And once that’s out of the way, you can unleash your inner stylist and turn those knots into lush locks. We’ve all been known to hold up the gang as we change from heels to shoes at the last minute, but if you’re constantly sending “OMW!” texts with a curler still in your hair, your pals will definitely allow you a little extra time. If you’re a perfectionist with one of these signs, you probably won’t leave the house until everything is just right. If you’re one of these three signs, you can always say that your horoscope is to blame for being late the next time someone tries to rush you out the door.


If there is one thing that you need to know about Leos, it is that they are always prepared for an unplanned picture opportunity or a live stream on Instagram at the last minute. They make it look simple, but believe me when I say that they put a lot of work into making it appear simple. It is not surprising that they transform every occasion into a photoshoot that is worthy of being posted on Instagram; if you looked like that, you would too have a Camera Roll full with selfies.


Do not be deceived by the fact that Libras have a natural sense of style; they did not wake up looking like this. Since they are a sign that is fixated on appearances, it is not surprising that they spend a significant amount of time getting dressed. The extensive skincare regimens of an air sign may cause them to be a touch late for brunch, but you can always depend on them to come dressed to the nines with their makeup looking like it was taken from a magazine and their attire being just on point with the latest trends. It’s possible that they’re onto something here.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Take the Longest To Get Ready


Virgos are born with a natural tendency toward the pursuit of perfection in every meaning of the word. They won’t give up until the end result lives up to their standards, and if that means spending two more hours getting ready for an event, then so be it. They won’t give up until their standards are met. Waiting for a Virgo to complete anything may seem like it would be a frustrating experience, but it almost never is. This is because Virgos have a strong sense of organization that keeps them from running late.


An amusing look at how astrology might color people’s attitudes toward getting dressed is provided in the article Zodiac Signs That Take the Longest to Get Dressed. While these observations might be amusing and illuminating, they should not be taken as absolute estimates of how long it will take someone of a certain zodiac sign to get ready. Personal tastes, everyday rituals, and practical concerns all play a role in shaping individuals’ grooming practices. Though astrological interpretations can be humorous, it’s important to view them with a healthy dose of skepticism and an appreciation for the wide range of personality types represented by the zodiac.


Q1. Is it possible for an individual’s preparation time to be predicted using astrology?

According to astrology, each zodiac sign has a unique personality and attitude to mundane tasks like getting ready for the day. However, the time it takes to get ready depends on a number of variables, including individual routines, timetables, and inclinations. While astrological observations may strike a chord, they cannot properly foretell a person’s personal hygiene habits.

Q2. Should I take a person’s zodiac sign into account when estimating their availability?

It’s vital not to generalize based on astrology alone, but the essay gives some entertaining insights into how the different zodiac signs could approach getting ready. Each person has their own quirks and ways of dealing with life that shape them. Each person has their own habits and routines that should be respected rather than assumed.

Q3. No matter what their star sign is, people sometimes want to try new approaches to personal hygiene.

Absolutely. Personal development, changes in one’s way of life, and pragmatic concerns can all lead to a reevaluation of one’s approach to personal grooming. The potential to grow and evolve with time is not something that can be defined by one’s astrological sign. As people change, so can their habits and routines.

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