Starting July 17, Venus Retrograde Improves Relationships for 4 Zodiac Signs

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Pauses prevent lifetimes of regret. Venus retrograde in Leo boosts connections for four zodiac signs from July 17 to 23. Venus only enters the underworld every two years, making it a strong entrance to your romantic cycles. Be honest about what you need and if your relationship can provide it. It will either confirm that you’re at the right place or end your relationship.

Venus in Leo helps partnerships become clearer. It may cause unexpected changes or emotional outbursts. The goal is to make you choose one side.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 17–23, 2023, reminds you to take care of yourself regardless of your love situation. You’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of loneliness or love unless you take care of yourself.

The stars assist you align with your true self as you become more conscious of prior teachings and how they effect your romantic decisions. This is a pause before reaction. It symbolizes honoring Venus’s voyage to the underworld and recognizing that in love, it’s essential to take your time because a hasty decision may cost you the love you were seeking.

Venus Retrograde

Four zodiac signs boost relationships this week:


To improve your romantic connection, modify your love and intimacy beliefs. Relationships go beyond passion and status. They enable self-discovery. Venus retrograde in Leo increases your intimacy and transformation zone this week, helping you make the changes you want.

Cancer, your opposite sign, always brings up love and relationship themes. A Full Moon suggests something is happening that likely started around the January Full Moon in Cancer. Consider vulnerability, self-care, and transparency. Your path since then may allow you to start over in love. If you didn’t, fate’s karmic winds may assist you develop more.

Venus retrograde in Leo encourages intimacy, long-term connections, and transformation. Use everything you’ve learned to see love differently. Open your mind and heart to the idea that shifting your perspective might improve your relationship.


While you’ve struggled with anything important in your home life, you’re now getting momentum and ready to make a decision and take a huge move toward your ideal life. In this instance, strengthening your love life while pursuing a different career may be the only way to assist.

Venus retrograde boosts your family, joy, and commitment sector, while the Cancer New Moon brings home healing teachings. First, know that ending something doesn’t equal failing to maximize this energy. Instead, it’s a celebration because you’re ready for the next chapter.

Leo’s rule emphasizes children, family, joy, and dedication. This is about finding a soulmate, not just a date. You’ve thought about someone, but the moment hasn’t been right. It’s great that it’s evolving and letting the universe function. You deserve a fresh start, especially if it means finding true happiness.

Venus retrograde in Leo will provide closure to your week of fresh beginnings. Venus, the planet of love, is in Leo to follow its heart and speak its truth. This energy, combined with the Cancer New Moon, will illuminate your healing and home areas, forcing you to assess your progress and whether any home issues need to be resolved before completely embracing your new beginning. You may want to hurry into what feels great, but finish up and shut up your old chapter first—your future self will thank you.

Venus Retrograde


Your current state desires a better, more devoted love connection. You may be a romantic. Still, something has changed in your energy, and you’ve reached a major up-leveling that’s affecting your love life. You’ve outgrown falling in love.

Passion doesn’t require rollercoasters. Instead, your biggest turn-on is a constant presence. As Cancer Awareness Week continues, use this. As Venus retrograde in Leo helps you make life changes to make room for healthy, stable love, New Moon will activate themes of joy and commitment.

The Cancer New Moon occurs in your happiest area, where you may spend time with family and discover joy everywhere. Your devoted connection is also there. Because of it, you are being offered a new start in love without compromising your ideals or convictions. Even if this wonderful new beginning is unexpected, you must rise and trust the cosmos.

Venus begins its retrograde in Leo, reflecting better on how you spend your days, your habits, and your mental health. Your health sector encompasses your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Healthy people realize they deserve more. When they meet, it’s a cosmic love affair.


Give yourself a break July 17–23, 2023, and start regaining your self-worth. You can find amazing love even if your relationship doesn’t last. Learn specialized lessons to accept or produce it. This week, you may start loving yourself and realizing that everything is happening for your highest good, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

The Cancer New Moon squarely in your zodiac sign gives you a chance to dwell on self-love. This also affects whether you live your truth or just appease others. It’s normal to want to make those you love happy, but it shouldn’t have to be done via your relationship.

If folks don’t comprehend or appreciate your decisions, they’re not your people. Trust that you deserve support and affection no matter what phase you’re in or how brilliantly you’re shining to maintain your energy up and attract what’s meant for you.

Shine bright and trust in love again on July 17–23, 2023. As Venus begins its retrograde in Leo, settle in for the long haul and strengthen your self-worth and confidence so you never take less than what you deserve. Use this energy to date yourself and fall in love with yourself so deeply that you’ll recognize the genuine thing when it arrives.


In conclusion, the article highlights prospective difficulties for distinct zodiac signs. It sheds light on how astrology affects our lives. However, astrology cannot forecast our fates. Life is a complicated mix of decisions, circumstances, and progress. Astrology can help, but you must be resilient, adaptable, and proactive. Self-awareness, personal growth, and support can help people overcome challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can astrology foresee my struggles?

Astrology uses celestial body alignments to predict broad trends. It can advise and suggest challenges, but it cannot foresee specific occurrences or experiences. Choices, circumstances, and progress affect our life. Astrology should be used for self-reflection and growth rather than forecasts.

Q2. Does a harsh horoscope suggest I’ll struggle?

A tough horoscope does not indicate you will have a hard time. Astrology reveals broad patterns and influences, but it does not control your life. Remember that your choices, actions, and mentality affect your experiences. Challenges may teach, grow, and strengthen. You can overcome difficulties by being positive and asking for help.

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