Rick Froberg, frontman for San Diego band Drive Like Jehu, dies aged 55

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According to a member of the band Drive Like Jehu, the veteran musician and visual artist Eric “Rick” Froberg has passed away. Froberg was most known for his work as the guitarist and lead vocalist with the band Drive Like Jehu. He was 55.

According to a post that was made on Instagram by musician John Reis, “Rick passed away unexpectedly last night (Friday) from natural causes.” “His work elevated the quality of living. Friends were the only thing in the world that he treasured more than art and rock & roll. Because of his inventiveness, his vision, and his talent for bringing beauty into the world, he will be remembered for all eternity. I adore you, Rick. I will never get over the fact that I have to live without you.”

Froberg, who has lived in Encinitas for a very long period, was born in Los Angeles. He and Reis were both members of a number of bands that were headquartered in San Diego, including Pitchfork and Hot Snakes. Froberg has also played with the bands Last of the Juanitas, Thingy, and Obits on his own separate occasions.

He was given credit by the Los Angeles Times for “taking the knotty, overdriven sound of math rock into the mainstream.”

Froberg is a visual artist and designer, and he designed the album art, promotional artwork, and product designs for all of his bands, in addition to doing the same things for Reis’ band Rocket from the Crypt and the Swami Records label.

The exhibition “Let My People Go: Art and Illustration 1988 to Present” was held in 2022 at the Trash Lamb Gallery in the South Park district of San Diego. It was named “Let My People Go: Art and Illustration 1988 to Present.”

As a musician who contributed to over 20 albums under the aliases Rick Fork and Rick Farr, Froberg was also known by those aliases. The year 2018 saw the release of his most recent finished album, “Jericho Sirens,” which was a collaboration with Hot Snakes.

Even though his band Obits disbanded in 2015, they managed to put out a live CD called “Die At the Zoo” in 2021. In 2012, when the band was touring across the world, the recording was done in Brisbane, Australia.

Froberg updated his Instagram with numerous new images of himself and informed his followers, “Hot Snakes, by the way, is working on a new record – very near done – so look out.” Froberg’s message was published around two weeks ago.

Who Was Rick Froberg?

Eric “Rick” Froberg was a well-known musician and visual artist from the United States. He was known by a number of aliases, including Rick Fork and Rick Farr. He was born in Los Angeles on January 19, 1968, and he split his time between Encinitas, in the state of California, and Brooklyn, in the city of New York. Throughout the course of his musical career, Froberg has performed as the lead vocalist and guitarist for a number of well-known bands hailing from the San Diego region. These bands include Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, and Hot Snakes.

John Reis, a fellow musician from San Diego, was an important collaborator for him. Froberg was also a member of several bands, including the Last of the Juanitas, Thingy, and Obits, in which he offered his musical abilities. In addition to his work as a musician, Froberg made a name for himself in the art world as an accomplished visual artist and illustrator.

Not only was he in charge of designing album artwork, promotional materials, and merchandising for his own bands, but he was also in charge of doing it for Rocket from the Crypt and Reis’ record company, Swami Records. Froberg, who was 55 years old when he died on June 30, 2023, was taken from us too soon. His passing brought an end to an extraordinary career that had an everlasting influence on the artistic and musical communities.


Q1. What is Rick Froberg’s cause of death?

John Reis, Froberg’s musical partner of more than three decades, said that Froberg passed away on Friday of natural causes.

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