On July 20, when Mars is in opposition to Saturn, these three zodiac signs may feel as though “no one likes me.”

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The question, “Why does no one like me?” On July 20, when Mars is opposite Saturn, this is a question that may cross the minds of those born under three certain zodiac signs. Today, July 20, 2023, those of the Aries, Leo, and Scorpio zodiac signs who feel unloved and undesired might learn how to use passive-aggressive conduct to acquire what they want. Perhaps we’re to blame for these unhappy feelings. We will go all the way to the top, destroying everything and everyone in our path, and then we will feel sorry for ourselves because we will have permanently established ourselves as “the annoying ones” in everyone’s lives. Forgetting that every action has an equal and opposite response, we consume the globe and vomit it out during the angry and whiney transit of Mars opposite Saturn.

And speaking of karma (did we speak of karma? ), today not only gives us a smack in the face but also shows us where we went wrong. What may have been an energizing boost that fizzled out would have us feeling tricked all along. Sooner or later, we’ll see that we’re not quite as endearing as we like to think we are. Waaa! We have no fans. What the heck happened? Unfortunately, this is what occurred after our destructive spree, and now we find ourselves alone and despised. We brought this on ourselves, and now we don’t even know how to fix it. Certainly, we will.

If you are one of the three zodiac signs that will experience feelings of isolation and rejection on July 20, 2023, it may be time to rethink your approach to confrontation. It’s not easy to say, “I told you so,” but if you treat others like trash, that’s exactly what you’ll get back. The goal is education. Quit acting like a spoiled brat and mature up. If you always do what other people want you to do, you won’t have to deal with this kind of situation very often.

Mars is in opposition to Saturn

On July 20, 3 zodiac signs are most likely to feel neglected and to say, “No one likes me”


You are brave, intelligent, and stunning, yet sometimes you may be a little intimidating. Anyway, the deal today is that you will be so daring in your incredible self-assurance that you will scare everyone away.

You want everyone to see things your way, and you’ve proven that you can handle any task thrown at you. However, when Mars is in opposition to Saturn, you’ll be much too forceful in your communication style, and people will see that you’re not worth talking to. The goal for today should be to make everyone around you so afraid of you that they leave. You feel lost and alone on this July 20th. You feel sorry, but you know it’s for good reason.


You’ve never once taken responsibility for your bad behavior, and today, July 20th, is no exception. Mars is opposite Saturn, giving you the confidence that whatever you do today, you’ll be justified in thinking that you’re right. You think you’re the brightest bulb in the room, the most important person there, and you know what? You will hurt a lot of people’s feelings.

You’ll write it off as ‘them not being able to get you’ because of their ‘inferiority,’ of course, but all you’ll get today, while Mars is in opposition to Saturn, is isolation. No one likes an insistent person, and today you are that person. Even though you convince yourself today is the happiest day of your life, you still feel lonely and down.

Mars is in opposition to Saturn


You can’t force someone to do what you want if you’re rude. You believe that kindness is not required and that you must instead be nasty and self-centered to achieve your goals. On July 20, when Mars transits in opposition to Saturn, you’ll be at your most Scorpion, which means you’ll be the most condescending Scorpio ever. You’ll be the person no one wants to talk to since they know exactly what they’ll hear from you.

Today is a day when you lay your own lonely head to rest. You don’t give any thought to the fact that you’re the one who made this mess; instead, you rationalize your actions by saying they ‘had to be done.’ You’ll feel unloved and undesired since you can’t admit when you’ve been nasty. Okay, I get the point. We wish.


The horoscopes for July 20, 2023, provide an opportunity for introspection and growth, particularly for those signs of the zodiac who may feel alone and rejected. But a fair mind is required while considering various interpretations. Although astrology may provide valuable insight into one’s character, it should in no way be used to determine one’s value or how others view them. No horoscope can accurately foretell the uniqueness and worth of a person. Let these horoscopes serve as a reminder to shift your attention away from bad emotions and toward positive pursuits like self-improvement, self-acceptance, and building strong relationships with others.


Q1. Can I use astrology to tell if people like me?

No, astrology cannot tell you for sure if others like you. Personality, conduct, communication skills, and common interests are just a few of the many variables that play a role in human relationships. Zodiac sign compatibility analysis can provide some insight into a person, but it shouldn’t be used as the primary foundation for analyzing or judging a relationship.

Q2. If you feel that no one likes you because of your horoscope, what can you do about it?

Experiencing hostility might be upsetting, but remember that your horoscope is just one factor in determining your popularity. Focus on bettering yourself, boosting your confidence, and making good connections with other people instead of obsessing about what your horoscope says will happen. Follow your passions and open yourself up to meeting others who share your worldview.

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