Oma’s Favorites: 11 Must-Try German Desserts

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Oma's Favorites: 11 Must-Try German Desserts

The country of Germany, which is well-known for its extensive culinary history, provides a delectable assortment of sweets that not only excite the taste buds but also honour the customs of the country. The following is a list of eleven German desserts that you absolutely must taste. These desserts, which range from rich pastries to velvety cakes, capture the essence of both homely comfort and superb artistry.

1. Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte)

A symphony of flavours may be found in the Black Forest Cake, which is one of the most well-known products from Germany. A delicacy that is nothing short of divine is created by combining layers of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, cherries, and Kirsch (cherry brandy). Chocolate shavings are used to decorate the top of this cake, which perfectly captures the spirit of the Black Forest region.

2. Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

The Apfelstrudel is a delicate pastry that is filled with spiced apples, raisins, cinnamon, and sugar, and it is wrapped in a thin, flaky dough. Although it originates in Austria, it is a popular delicacy in Germany. When served warm, with a coating of powdered sugar and a dollop of vanilla sauce, it is a delicacy that provides a sense of relaxation.

3. Rote Grütze

Rote Grütze is a berry compote that is produced using a blend of red fruits such as raspberries, red currants, and cherries. It is a dish that is both vivid and refreshing. In addition to being sweetened and thickened with starch, it is typically served with a creamy vanilla sauce or whipped cream.

4. Berliner Pfannkuchen

Berliner Pfannkuchen is a light and airy pastry that is filled with jam or custard and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is Berlin’s version of a filled doughnut alternative. Bakeries are a great place to get these wonderful delicacies throughout the year, but they are especially popular during the holiday seasons.

5. Streuselkuchen

The basis of a Streuselkuchen is a soft yeast dough, and it is lavishly covered with a crumbly streusel that is formed from flour, butter, and sugar. This delicious dessert is a pleasure that is both buttery and crumbly. It is a lovely coffee cake that serves as an excellent accompaniment to afternoon tea, and it frequently includes a layer of fruit, such as apples or cherries.

6. Eierkuchen (German Pancakes)

Eierkuchen are German pancakes that are created with flour, eggs, and milk and are fried until they are golden brown. They are similar to crepes but in a thicker and more fluffy form. There are a variety of toppings that may be applied on them, such as apple sauce, fruit preserves, or even a dusting of sugar.

7. Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen are gingerbread-like cookies that are traditionally served as a Christmas treat. They are flavoured with a combination of spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. These cookies, which are typically frosted with sugar or covered in chocolate, give a flavour of the Christmas season and are known for their aromatic character.

8. Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)

The Bienenstich cake, which has a lovely history, is characterised by a foundation made of yeast dough, which is then covered with a layer of vanilla custard that is creamy and caramelised almonds. It is said that the name of the cake originates from the person who first created it, who was stung by bees that were drawn to the cakes’ sugary topping.

9. Kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn is a popular dessert in Austria and Bavaria. It is basically a fluffy pancake made of shredded dough that is served with fruit compote or powdered sugar. During the cooking process, it is frequently pulled apart, which results in delectable bits that are bite-sized.

10. Zwetschgenkuchen (Plum Cake)

The Zwetschgenkuchen is a cake that is produced with fresh plums that are put on top of a yeast dough base. It is a simple cake that is tasty. The inherent sweetness of plums is brought out into the spotlight by this cake, which is topped with cinnamon and sugar.

11. Spaghettieis

The Spaghettieis dessert is a creative and enjoyable dessert that is shaped like a dish of spaghetti. The vanilla ice cream is pushed through a special press to make it seem like spaghetti noodles. It is then covered with strawberry or raspberry sauce to make it look like tomato sauce, and shredded white chocolate is used to make the cheese.


The rich and decadent Black Forest Cake and the soothing warmth of Apfelstrudel are just two examples of the exquisite flavour combinations that can be found in confections from Germany. These sweets not only satiate your want for something sweet, but they also provide you a look into the broad range of culinary traditions that Germany has to offer. Whether you are indulging in a slice of cake or savouring a warm pastry, each dessert has a story to tell about the delight of sharing sweets with loved ones, as well as about the traditions and workmanship that went into making it. Dive into these German sweets that you really must eat and savour the delectable flavours that have charmed generations of satisfied customers. Have a lovely meal!

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