Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie

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Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie

One of the most wonderful variations on the traditional lemon pie is the Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie. Meyer lemons, which are renowned for having a flavour that is both sweet and sour, lend a distinctive touch to this well-liked dish. Throughout the course of this piece, we will delve into the history of Meyer lemons, the origins of Shaker pie, and the steps necessary to prepare this delectable dessert at home.

An Overview of the Meyer Lemon Story:

Meyer lemons, a hybrid of a lemon and a mandarin orange, have a flavour that is more sweet and less acidic than that of ordinary lemons. They are a product of the cross between the two citrus fruits. Frank Meyer, a plant explorer working for the United States Department of Agriculture, was the one who brought them to the United States for the very first time in the early 20th century. In addition to their juicy and fragrant meat, Meyer lemons are highly regarded for their thin and fragrant skin.

Shaker Pie: Where Did It Come From?

During the 19th century, the Shaker villages in the United States were the birthplace of the traditional American dessert known as Shaker pie. These lemons, sugar, and eggs were the only ingredients that were used in the creation of this pie by the Shakers, who are famous for their straightforward and practical approach to cuisine. The pie was cooked in a single crust, which resulted in a filling that was simultaneously sweet, tangy, and custardy. This filling was not only tasty but also simple to prepare.

Instructions for Making a Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie:

Listed below are the components that are needed in order to prepare a Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie:

  • Four to five Meyer lemons
  • One and a half cups of granulated sugar
  • 4 eggs of a significant size
  • 1 single pie crust, either handmade or purchased from a store

Follow these steps to make it:

  • Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Slice the Meyer lemons very thinly, being sure to remove any seeds.
  • Put the cut lemons and the granulated sugar into a big bowl and mix them together. Allow the mixture to settle for around half an hour, during which time the sugar will be able to extract the juices from the lemons.
  • Eggs should be beaten in a separate dish until they are well blended.
  • When the lemon and sugar mixture is completely blended, add the eggs that have been beaten and whisk until everything is uniformly distributed.
  • After the pie crust has been made, pour the lemon filling into it, ensuring that it is distributed evenly.
  • Bake the pie in an oven that has been warmed for forty-five to fifty minutes, or until the filling has settled and the crust has turned a golden brown colour.
  • Before cutting the pie into slices and serving it, allow it to cool fully.

Here are some helpful hints for making the ideal Meyer lemon shaker pie:

  • If you want the most flavorful lemons, choose fresh Meyer lemons. In the event that you are unable to get Meyer lemons, you may use normal lemons; however, the flavour will be more sour.
  • Before combining the sliced lemons with the sugar, it is essential to remove any seeds that may be present in the lemons.
  • It is recommended that the lemon and sugar combination be let sit for at least half an hour so that the sugar may extract the juices from the lemon trees. This will assist in the creation of a filling that is tasty and moist.
  • Before slicing the pie and serving it, make sure to wait until it has totally cooled down. Because of this, the filling will be able to set, which will make it much simpler to slice.

In conclusion, Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie is a delectable dessert that is simple to prepare and suitable for each and every event. Because it has a flavour that is both sweet and sour, as well as a filling that is similar to custard, it is certain to become a favourite in your home. You should definitely give this recipe a shot, and you will be rewarded with a Meyer Lemon Shaker Pie that has a lovely flavour!!

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