Lewis Capaldi extends mental health break following Glastonbury set.

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Lewis Capaldi has announced that he will take some time off to focus on his mental health after performing at Glastonbury.

When asked about his recent hiatus before performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury yesterday (June 24), Capaldi, obviously having voice troubles, said, “I recently had three weeks off. It was good for my sanity to be away for a while.

I wanted to perform at Glasto again because it is so unique, and I appreciate you coming to see us. I was so nervous, but now I feel entirely at peace. I sincerely apologize. Even though it’s been a bit of a shit show, I hope the Eavises will have me back on,” he continued.

I’ll be taking another short break for the next few weeks. You might not see me for the rest of the year,” Capaldi said to the crowd after the performance. But when I return, and we meet again, I hope you’re ready to watch.

Capaldi’s voice gave out many times during his Glastonbury performance. In the middle of his performance, he announced, “My voice is going big time.” One traveler said, “It’s fucking packing in.” He continued with the rest of his performance, once asking for assistance from the crowd.

Before You Go, Wish You The Best, Hold Me While You Wait, and Somebody You Loved was among the songs performed by Capaldi during his set, which also featured a sample of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and a chorus.

The previous several months have been a lot for him, and it had taken a toll on him “both mentally and physically,” as Capaldi explained when he postponed all of his gigs leading up to Glastonbury earlier this month.

‘I need to take these three weeks to be Lewis from Glasgow for a little, to spend some time with my family and friends and to do regular life activities that are essential to me in terms of feeling well,’ he stated. I’m praying for comprehension.

Guns N’ Roses began their rowdy concert on time on Saturday, June 24, and Dave Grohl’s “Paradise City” performance was the night’s highlight. Meanwhile, Lana Del Rey made her first appearance at the event in ten years, but her set was cut short when she ran over the festival’s curfew time. Fans performed a cappella version of her song “Video Games.”

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