Jamie Foxx’s Medical Incident That Hospitalized Him For Weeks

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A source close to Jamie Foxx has stated that the actor is now apparently “stable” three weeks after he was hospitalized for an unspecified “medical complication.” Discover his current health status here.

  • In the hospital since April 11, 2023, actor, comedian, and singer Jamie Foxx
  • As of now, May 3, 2023, we still need to find out what he was admitted for.
  • Three weeks after first being “on his way to recovery,” a buddy said the star still needed prayers.
  • Jamie gave his first public update on his status after being hospitalized on May 3, 2023.
  • A close friend of the singer, who spoke out two days following Jamie’s announcement, said he was “stable” as of May 5, 2023.

Jamie Foxx may be feeling better. After weeks of speculation about his health, the Oscar winner broke his silence by posting an Instagram message to his followers. On April 12, Jamie’s daughter disclosed that her father had been sent to the hospital on April 11 to treat an unspecified ailment. My family and I are writing to inform you that my father, Jamie Foxx, had a medical emergency yesterday. According to an Instagram post by Corinne Foxx on April 12, “he is already on the way to recovery” after prompt medical attention. We recognize how well-liked he is and value your thoughts and prayers. During this difficult moment, the family requests privacy. The Foxx family, with all our love.

Fans have heard from a few people (including his friend, Nick Cannon!) about how Jamie is doing after his health crisis, but it took over a month to hear from Jamie himself. Before his message thanking his fans, the Oscar winner had updated his Instagram account on April 6. On May 3, a longtime friend of Jamie’s announced on Instagram that the star was still in the hospital, suggesting that issues persisted for the celebrity.

A different source close to the 55-year-old Jamie tells PEOPLE on May 5 that he is “stable,” only three days after several of his pals called for “prayers” for his recovery. The insider stated, “Jamie is stable and not in a life-threatening situation now,” two days after Jamie broke his silence on the topic. “[Doctors] want to be certain that he will be OK before allowing him to leave the hospital,” therefore extra tests are being run. In addition, it has been claimed that before discharging Jamie from the hospital, the medical staff told him to “keep his stress level down.” Someone close to Jamie said that the hospital is “the last place Jamie wants to be.”

According to Jamie’s close buddy, despite having a lot of work lined up and being “focused” on getting better, the medical issue was “serious” enough for a prolonged hospital stay. “He’s working on several different things at once,” they said. He is efficient and wise; he gets things done. His condition is critical enough to warrant further hospitalization. Keep reading to learn everything you need about Jamie’s health and medical history.

Exactly What Occurred With Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx’s daughter revealed that her father remained hospitalized in Georgia on April 25, 2023, citing an unspecified medical problem. According to CNN, he was filming his next movie, Back in Action, in Georgia when he got sick. He was not on-site at the time. On April 14, a source close to the Just Mercy star told the site, “They are running tests and still trying to figure out what exactly happened.”

Cameron Diaz, 50, makes her acting return in this film, her first since she left the industry in 2014. After Jamie’s problem, she was spotted on set, and it’s unclear whether or not he had any sequences remaining to shoot before being hospitalized.

Kerry Washington, a longtime friend of Jamie’s, showed her support after hearing the news of his sudden hospitalization by posting a vintage photo of them on Instagram. “Appreciation of @iamjamiefoxx posted on Twitter. With the remark, “Sending you all the love and prayers, my movie husband,” the 46-year-old actress expressed her support for her fellow cast members. In Ray (2004) and Django Unchained (2012), Kerry portrayed Jamie’s on-screen wife.

Since then, several more celebrities have expressed their good wishes to the actor, including LeBron James, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Murphy, Tracy Morgan, and Steve Harvey. On Instagram on May 3, Jamie’s friend Taraji P. Henson commented, “We are praying for you and your family!”

Jamie Foxx, how long have you been sick?

As of this writing, it is still being determined when Jamie first displayed symptoms associated with his predicament. On April 11, he fell quite unwell and was admitted to the hospital, but his daughter said he started feeling better on April 12. On April 18, a close friend of the celebrity said, “He is healing,” to Entertainment Tonight. Everybody’s affection for him is palpable.

A source informed PEOPLE on April 21 that he is doing “OK” following the event. The source said that “he’s OK, thank God.” Physicians are currently examining him, but he is conscious and responsive throughout this time. They’re keeping a close eye on him.

How is Jamie Foxx today?

Jamie was still in the hospital on April 23, although he was showing signs of improvement, as reported by Nick Cannon. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on April 23, the 42-year-old actor and host said Jamie was “doing so much better.” I’m seriously praying right now, man. See, I put up a picture on Instagram. In a very literal sense, I have been praying aloud. Encouragement for my older brother, Jamie,” he said as his name was mentioned. He said, “I know he’s doing so much better because I’m actually about to do something special for him and do him a favor.”

Nick said he couldn’t know the particular favor, but he confirmed that Jamie gave him the order. He said that he offered his permission despite his reluctance to go there and discuss it made it all the more special. He’s wide awake. They say he’s awake, and that’s great news for us.

On the same day (April 23), Nicole Murphy told PEOPLE that he is like a “brother” to her. “I just pray everything will be OK,” she told the media. “Jamie is a wonderful person. He is incredibly gifted and has achieved legendary status. He is incredible. I love him as much as I love a sibling. I hope and pray that things turn out well for him.

On May 1, Jamie’s friend Charles Aston posted on Facebook that Jamie was still in the hospital. When he tweeted, “I need you all to constantly keep our beloved brotha Jamie Foxx up, whom we all love and care for deeply in our hearts, minds, and prayers,” he referred to the actor and comedian. In other words, “Bro, we need you back. I always say a great champion isn’t the one who triumphs over their opponents; it’s the one who faces them head-on and comes out on top. Your evaluation will serve as your witness! Everyone here is looking forward to your safe return so that we may share in your joy, laughter, and applause. Oh Allah, I pray to you again, requesting that you make our brother whole and stronger than ever. I apologize for appealing to your compassion to perform a miracle on behalf of our brother at this moment, not his, but our moment.

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