How to Build a Holiday Charcuterie Board

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How to Build a Holiday Charcuterie Board

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by putting together a show-stopping charcuterie board that will have your guests talking long after the festivities end? Building a holiday charcuterie board doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, it can be a fun and creative process. So, grab your favorite cheeses, cured meats, and accompaniments, and let’s dive into the art of creating a delicious and visually appealing charcuterie masterpiece.

1. Start with Quality Ingredients

The foundation of any great charcuterie board is high-quality ingredients. Head to your local deli or specialty grocery store to pick up an assortment of cheeses and cured meats. Aim for a variety of flavors and textures – a mix of soft and hard cheeses, and both mild and bold-flavored meats. Pro tip: Don’t forget to ask for recommendations from the experts behind the counter.

2. Cheese, Glorious Cheese

Select a diverse range of cheeses to cater to different tastes. Consider including a creamy Brie, a sharp cheddar, a nutty Gouda, and a crumbly blue cheese. Arrange them on the board with enough space between each variety, allowing guests to easily distinguish and savor each flavor.

3. Cured Meats Galore

Now, onto the meat! Choose an assortment of cured meats like prosciutto, salami, and chorizo. Roll or fold the slices for an artistic touch, and place them strategically around the cheeses. This not only looks appealing but also makes it convenient for guests to pair their favorite combinations.

4. Crackers and Bread: The Unsung Heroes

Provide a selection of crackers and bread to complement the cheese and meats. Opt for a mix of plain and flavored options, such as rosemary or multigrain crackers. Sliced baguette or artisanal bread adds a rustic charm to your board and serves as a perfect vehicle for spreading soft cheeses.

5. Sweet and Savory Accompaniments

Elevate your charcuterie board with a variety of sweet and savory accompaniments. Add a dollop of honey for drizzling over cheeses, some grainy mustard for the meats, and a selection of olives and pickles for a tangy kick. Fresh fruits like grapes, figs, and apple slices not only add sweetness but also provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the cheeses and meats.

6. Nuts and Dried Fruits

For an extra layer of texture and flavor, scatter some nuts (think almonds, walnuts, or pistachios) and dried fruits (apricots, cranberries, or dates) across the board. These additions not only contribute to the visual appeal but also offer a delightful crunch and burst of sweetness.

7. Eye-Catching Presentation

Now comes the fun part—arranging everything on the board. Start by placing larger items like cheese wheels and bowls of condiments. Next, layer in the meats, arranging them in a way that complements the shapes and colors of the cheeses. Fill any gaps with crackers, bread, and the smaller accompaniments. The goal is to create a visually pleasing spread that invites guests to dive in.

8. Personal Touches and Garnishes

Add personal touches to your charcuterie board by incorporating fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme for a pop of color and fragrance. Edible flowers can also lend a whimsical touch. Consider including small cheese knives and utensils for easy serving, ensuring your guests can enjoy the board without any fuss.

9. Encourage Exploration and Enjoyment

Encourage your guests to mix and match flavors as they please. The beauty of a charcuterie board lies in its versatility, allowing everyone to create their perfect bite. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience yourself – after all, you put in the effort to create this culinary work of art!


Building a holiday charcuterie board is a delightful and stress-free way to impress your guests. With a careful selection of quality ingredients, a creative arrangement, and a touch of personal flair, you’ll have a centerpiece that not only looks stunning but also tantalizes the taste buds. So, gather your favorite flavors, embrace the festive spirit, and let the joyous holiday feasting begin!

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