Here Are 5 Famous Couples You Might Not Know Actually Met On Set

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1. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Ben proposed to Jennifer in 2002, but they broke up the following year. Fans of Bennifer were overjoyed to hear the pair had reconciled over 20 years after their breakup. They were married in July of 2022.

2. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

After meeting on the set of Green Lantern in 2010, which Ryan described as the “darkest crease of the anus” on a podcast, Blake and Ryan became fast friends.

According to Ryan, “we were friends and buddies and about a year and a half later we went on a double date, but we were dating separate people.” This was spoken in a podcast in the year 2021.

3. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

The real-life relationship of the stars of the hit comedy That ’70s Show thrilled viewers.

Jackie and Kelso, the couple they portrayed, shared their first kiss on stage. The series premiered in 1998, but the couple didn’t meet until 2012 at a ceremony honoring their work.

4. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy was featured in John’s “Stereo” music video from 2007.

Chrissy revealed that she and John ate In-N-Out, made out, and then went back to John’s hotel after wrapping filming on “Stereo,” in which she portrayed John’s love interest. “We never said goodbye that night,” she told Cosmopolitan. A few months later, they started dating, and by 2013, they were married.

5. Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Samira portrayed Poussey on Orange is the New Black, while Lauren worked as a writer for the program.

In an interview with Bust Magazine, Samira said that she fell in love with Lauren’s intellect before they ever met in person on the set of Orange Is the New Black. I was very drawn to Lauren’s intellect first,” the actor said. When I read her script, I thought, “Wow, this person is incredibly talented; I can’t wait to work with them.”

Lauren was still married to a guy when she discovered her attraction to females. She and Samira were close friends first, then something more between them developed. They finally tied the knot in 2017.

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