Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen Kiss in Mexico.

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It would appear that Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen are on the verge of taking their relationship to the next level.

It appears that the actor from Edge of Seventeen and the football player from the Buffalo Bills spent their Fourth of July holiday together in Mexico, where they were seen getting intimate with one another. TMZ took photographs of the couple while they were having a passionate kiss when they were curled up together in an outdoor pool at a resort.

Hailee, who is 26 years old, wore a red bikini for her day at the pool, while Josh, who is 27 years old, wore swim trunks with a checkered pattern.

When the pair were spotted having dinner together in late May at a restaurant in New York City called ABC Kitchen, dating rumors began to circulate about them. Neither one of them has addressed the matter in public regarding whether or not they are in a relationship, but Josh was questioned about the dating rumors head-on earlier this month.

When Josh was a guest on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast for the episode that was released on July 4, one of the program hosts brought up reports that Josh is “dating an actress.”

What was the response of Josh? Despite the fact that he smiled in response to the inquiry, he chose to be evasive and merely responded, “No comment.”

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Brittany Williams, Josh’s longtime girlfriend, and a pilates instructor, appears to have removed all images of him from her Instagram account, although he has not commented on the rumored breakup between the two.

Regarding Hailee, the Hawkeye actress is very discreet when it comes to her romantic relationships. After they were spotted spending time together in 2018, rumors began to circulate that she was dating Niall Horan, a member of One Direction who had previously left the band. However, the couple decided to part ways at the end of that year, putting an end to their whirlwind romance.

A person close to Hailee revealed this information to E! News at the time. “Hailee and Niall were going strong over the summer but split a few months ago and have been trying to keep it low-key,” the source said. “Hailee realized that she had a lot on her plate, and her work schedule was insanely busy.”

A source stated that they “really tried to make it work,” referring to their relationship as “young love.”

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Q1. How did Josh Allen meet Hailee Steinfeld?

Both Josh Allen and Brittany Williams grew up in Fresno, California, USA, with families who knew each other. When they were just eight years old, the two met at a pool party.

Q2. What is Josh Allen’s girlfriend’s name?

Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, has had a tumultuous offseason as he prepares to lead the team to the playoffs next season. Rumors about the two-time Pro Bowler and his long-term girlfriend Brittany Williams have circulated.

Q3. What is Josh Allen’s salary?

The first significant increase in Allen’s cap hit due to his 2021 contract extension occurred in 2023, when the quarterback was scheduled to count for $39.8 million, including $27.5 million in basic pay. Beane noted at the NFL Scouting Combine that Allen’s contract hit is “one of the bigger numbers that you can create space” for.

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