Breaking Bad: Vince Gilligan Imagined A Darker Death For Jane

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Even though she was only on “Breaking Bad” for a short time, Krysten Ritter’s character, Jane Margolis, had one of the most traumatic deaths witnessed during the show’s run. She rolls onto her back and chokes to death on her vomit due to an overdose of heroin while she is asleep in bed with her lover, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), who plays Jesse. Walter White (Bryan Cranston), who is present but does nothing to save her or warn Jesse about the crisis, watches as she passes away. It turns out that the creator of the series, Vince Gilligan, had something much more disturbing in mind for this particular scenario than what was already difficult to watch.

“In the initial version, which I never even gave to them since I was shot down by all six authors who work on my writing crew, [White] was supposed to give her a second dose of heroin. My original version was scrapped. When Gilligan revealed that “he killed her on purpose” during the Edinburgh TV Festival in 2013, the audience’s reaction was horror. According to him, Walter would have done this to protect himself because he believed that Jane might have exposed him to his family as a drug producer, which would have resulted in the collapse of his business as a whole. In the end, though, this particular interpretation of the scenario was never included in the movie.

Fans of “Breaking Bad” continue to have very strong views over this particular version of Jane’s demise, even though it was never fulfilled.

Most people think this interpretation of Jane’s passing would have been excessive

Fans of “Breaking Bad” aren’t enthusiastic about the possibility that Walter White played a role in the passing of Jane Margolis, even though the case of his doing so isn’t quite out of the question. Reddit user u/charm_and_style opened the floor for debate regarding Vince Gilligan’s first plan, and others were eager to argue why the version we see on “Breaking Bad” is preferable to the one that Vince Gilligan had originally conceived. “If he purposely kills Jane (as opposed to just letting her die), his development into a monster would have been more forced and far less organic,” said u/Slap_N_Pickle, with others appearing to agree with this assessment. “If he just lets her die.”

The interpretation of Jane’s passing chosen for the television show was defended by reddit user Milton Friedman, who said, “The passive way Walt non-reacted just fits perfectly.” In the meantime, several people made their way into the comment area to point out how bizarre Gilligan’s notion was and to criticize it on its face. Despite this, it is not hard to understand where the brain behind “Breaking Bad” was coming from with his alternative idea. Because Walter was getting deeper and deeper involved in the criminal underground, he became increasingly paranoid and violent. Why wouldn’t he go ahead and put an end to Jane? However, as many users on Reddit were quick to point out, he simply had not reached that stage in his career as a criminal.

In any case, Jane Margolis met a tragic end on the show “Breaking Bad, ” which Walter White might have easily attempted to avert. We are left with little more than the question of how his participation in her murder may have altered the course of events in the future of the series.

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