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The German sprinter Alica Schmidt, who has been called both “World’s Sexiest Athlete” and “World’s Hottest Track Athlete,” has just achieved both a victory and a personal best.

It took some research, but I was able to determine the exact date and location of this event. While I may not know much about track and field, I was able to learn that the event took place on July 30 at the Mommsenstadion in Berlin thanks to the World Athletics website.

Again, I’m not a track and field specialist, so I have no idea how fierce the competition was or what the stakes were. The 24-year-old supermodel and track sensation absolutely destroyed the competition in the 400 meters.

Alica’s final time of 52.18 was, officially, a personal best. The closest competitor to that time crossed the finish line in 53.27 seconds. An remarkable time is one that beats the competition by more than a second. At all times, at least one other runner is close behind you.

There is always cause for celebration after bringing home victory, destroying the opposition, and setting a new personal best. Alica did it, but she soon shifted her attention back to her task.

She “took the win with a new personal best over 400m,” as she put it. That meant a great deal. The season hasn’t ended yet; thus, we must return to our duties.

Alica Schmidt’s Hard Work Is Paying Off

Now that’s a winning attitude. She’s not letting the success get to her, she has more work to do and was right back at following the win.

That’s the kind of mindset that separates the good from the great. Alica has picked up a lot of wins on social media over the years, but not a ton of wins on the track.

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