According to your zodiac sign, discover your drinking style

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The vast majority of us enjoy having a drink now and then, and a few of us enjoy having quite a few drinks rather frequently. We all change while high. After a few drinks, even your most reserved coworker could start dancing on the floor, and your most collected pal might start bawling on your shoulder while you’re eating at McDonald’s. In point of fact, the vast majority of us have a drunken alter ego, which may take on a variety of guises depending on the beverage consumed and the circumstances; but, how does this relate to astrology?

The zodiac’s personality qualities are eerily accurate! These markers can forecast alcohol’s surprise impact on mood and behavior. See what kind of drunk you are depending on your star sign in the pictures below.


Let’s go to the gym immediately! even if they are couch potatoes. They love to arm wrestle and do push-ups when they’re inebriated. Aries live in their bodies, so when they’re numb to pain, it’s like they’ve been handed the superhero pass they always wanted to use to physicalize all their emotions. With each alcohol molecule absorbed, their abilities fade, leaving them exposed to headaches and weary muscles. Powerful recovery.


You order one drink, then another, and before you know it, you’ve ordered a whole round. You got really drunk really fast, but your Taurus pal over here is really cool. The Venusian influence on Taureans gives them an air of nobility that makes it difficult to make them appear silly, even when they are acting completely irrationally. The Taurus will rise and fall, ever so elegantly, after a night of controlled excess, and you will realize, wow, they are a lot drunker than they look. It’s yet another area in which they excel.


Geminis share information. Tea will leak when alcohol weakens their naturally low gossip inhibitions. Geminis bond over communication and opinions. What better way for people to get to know one another than to talk about things they can’t possibly let the world know about? They’ll talk their way out in the morning.


Only their immediate circle sees the crab’s delicate, emotional center. However, alcohol can momentarily de-shell your typical Cancer, causing them to cry. They’ll cry like saltwater no matter what. Without their typical protections, kids will cry even if they are pleased, foolish, or overwhelmed. Be ready to deny seeing them relax the next day.


Ready, set, drunk! If a Leo is booked for the night, they will perform on the restroom floor like it’s the stage at Carnegie Hall. It doesn’t matter if it’s karaoke, drunken toasts, or confronting individuals who have harmed them. The tipsy Leo is prepared to make the most of the situation. You’ll hear them launching their own personal brand with clever comebacks and accents of varied degrees of authenticity. For the price of a couple of drinks, you get all of this.


A good reason Virgos aren’t malevolent is that they know how to exploit everyone else’s frailties. When Virgo gives you constructive feedback, it’s because they want to be of service. They have an innate sense that their mission in life is to make the world look perfect by their lofty standards. Therefore, people are even more forthright after a few drinks. Virgos are brutally honest, whether it’s about your resume or your wardrobe. And you’ll be cleansed in the crucible of their boozy critique.


Libra drunks shout “I love you!!!” from the first sip. Libras adore all kinds of love, and one glass of wine may make a stranger a best friend. Libras embrace everyone and desire equality (see: scales). Expect them to lead a toast circle where everyone gets to validate. Best part? Drinks conclude each speech.


Scorpio wins for sauced sexy-eye glances. Scorpions are the symbol of desire, therefore their reputation for being sexual is taken too literally. If a Scorpio is crushing on someone, their flirtations become more noticeable around drink two or three. When sober, their defense is very safe, but when the walls come down, you can see how thirsty they are for affection and attention (which is normal). Scorpios love shoulder-touching and giggling at their crushes. It works for them.


Dance Drunk Centaurs are already noisy and joyful partygoers. Sagittarius is a physical sign, therefore they will require you on the dance floor to do some light choreography they may or may not have studied. As the Zodiac’s class clowns, they don’t mind seeming silly, thus their movements are good. A pop star’s soul doesn’t require polish.


Capricorns get drunk when they want, but they stay cool and professional since they could run across Michelle Obama. Capricorns become business intoxicated and dress for their careers. They could pass the first round of white shoe interviews. Did they ever get drunk? Yes, if they should drive home. Astrologically, spiritually? No. They’re not.


Drunk Aquarius wants everyone to listen now! If they could convince you of their prophetic and incisive perspective, they could tackle climate change, wealth inequality, and culture. Since Aquarians are the zodiac’s brains, they always think they’re right, so when they’re buzzed, they go into campaign mode and fight any naysayers. Your enjoyment may depend on your agreement with them.


The zodiac’s slippery fish will camp out at the party’s most isolated spot. Like flounder, they follow vibrations to the best discussions, food, and spiritual energy. Pisces are intoxicated, and their empathy and intuition are already high. Drunk people are high. Let them transform your life.


To sum up, using our zodiac signs as a lens through which to explore our drinking habits and preferences is a fun and light-hearted approach to think about these issues. The article takes a lighthearted look at how individuals born under each sign of the zodiac may behave differently while inebriated. These correlations are not supported by any hard data, so please take them with a grain of salt. Much more than astrological effects, our drinking habits are determined by our unique experiences and decisions. It is always important to be mindful of one’s personal boundaries and health when partaking in alcoholic beverages.


Q1: Does my zodiac sign affect my drunkenness?

Zodiac signs cannot predict drunkenness. It’s a silly idea that may appeal to some but isn’t true. Personal tastes, experiences, and biology affect drinking habits.

Q2: Are there scientific studies linking zodiac signs and drinking?

No scientific research relates zodiac signs to drinking behavior. Astrology is pseudoscience. Astrology-based alcohol intake advice should be taken with a grain of salt.

Q3: Is using astrology to guide my drinking safe?

Astrology is not reliable drinking advice. Responsible drinking requires awareness, moderation, and self-knowledge. Follow medical advice and drink responsibly.

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