5 Scents That Make You More Attractive

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Our choice of smell significantly impacts how others see us. A strong aroma of musty aftershave, perfume so fragrant it makes you sneeze, and the whisper of lavender essential oils are all examples. “Scents can trigger powerful memories and feelings, which can influence how attractive we find someone,” says Laura Wasser, relationship specialist and head of divorce evolution at Divorce.com. It has been shown that “some scents can create a sense of comfort or familiarity, while others may evoke more exciting or invigorating emotions, all of which can contribute to attraction.” Read on to see which fragrances experts believe will make you more desirable to potential partners.


Numerous studies have shown that certain fragrances may alter people’s moods. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications released research in 2021 that found “olfactory stimuli‚Ķ can influence everything from a perceiver’s judgments of another person’s attractiveness, age, affect, health/disease status, and even elements of their personality.”
And vanilla is one aroma demonstrated to have a beneficial effect. According to Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., CEO of Holistic Wisdom, “often associated with happy memories, such as baking cookies or other sweet treats.”

A search conducted in 1994 search found that individuals undergoing an MRI reported fewer anxious sensations after exposure to the scent of vanilla.

The ability to “evoke pleasant memories or create a sense of comfort and warmth” is a significant factor in attracting a partner and maintaining a healthy relationship.


Wearing a fragrance with a warm, earthy, and musky undertone (think sandalwood or patchouli) might help you appear more “grounded,” “comfortable to be around,” and “sophisticated,” all of which are desirable qualities.

Sandalwood’s relaxing and soothing properties make it a popular choice in places like yoga studios and spas.

And a subdued muskiness might pique someone’s interest in getting to know you better. Black pepper, tea, and leather are all examples of exotic aromas that, when used in moderation, may be unexpectedly alluring and mysterious.


Citrusy fragrances are energizing and cheerful, perfect for a first date when you want to make a good impression.

“Orange, of all citrus fruits, is widely regarded as a mood-lifting aroma in aromatherapy. They give off an air of youthful vigor that some find alluring.


Because of its frequent appearance in spas and sleep-inducing scented candles, lavender has become synonymous with calm and serenity.

Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine help regulate mood and create calm when we breathe the scent of lavender.

And when people are relaxed and comfortable in your presence, it might enhance your attractiveness.


Scents with floral notes, such as lilac and ylang-ylang, have long been associated with femininity and romance. They have a long history of usage as a sexual enhancer.

A survey in 2020 by Fragrantica.com discovered that “85% of men admit they are most attracted to women spritzed with a ‘floral’ fragrance.” This finding may be a partial surprise.

Fragrances, especially floral ones, may be rather potent. However, most people have limits to what they can tolerate concerning intensity, so it is best to refrain from drenching ourselves in perfume or cologne. “Remember that wearing a powerful scent around someone sensitive to scents can be off-putting, while others who enjoy strong odors may find it stimulating.”

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